(Update)To the users who own public team(s) on Microsoft Teams

(8/31 update)
In a few days, the target teams mentioned below will be set to “private” by system administrator.
For users, it seems preferred to append “-public” as a suffix to the name than “public-” as prefix so we are planning to change the naming policy and suggest that you do so as well.

Using the Microsoft EES from our Univ., you may have created teams (and/or SharePoint groups), carelessly let the privacy set to “public”. This makes your messages/files post/uploaded to such teams sharable to all the Univ. members. To enhanced security, all public teams will be set to “private” by system administrator after September 1, except those teams with names begin by “public-” which asserts that they are “public” on purpose.
Please modify your teams name and/or privacy property as soon as possible, referencing Notes on the scope of file disclosure on Microsoft products (Teams, OneDrive, etc.) if it is necessary.