Surface PC sales program for students


University of Tsukuba and Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd. have signed a program in which discounts are applied when students personally purchase the Microsoft computer “Surface” at their own expense.

Surface PC sales program for students
-Special sales program for students’ PCs by EC site for educational institutions-
EC site OPEN period (twice a year): ①2023/3/1~2023/5/31 ②2023/9/1~2023/11/30

If you wish to purchase, please access the following URL and use it.
Click here( *Japanese Only
Please note that the PC purchased through this program is not a PC designated or recommended by the University.


  • You will need to show your pass notification or student ID card when logging in to the above site. Please have it ready before you access it.
  • The target users are undergraduate and graduate students. Please note that faculty members and children / students are not eligible.
  • The discount rate depends on the product.
  • You can purchase a Microsoft Office regular license from “Uchida’s Student Discount” on the above site, but since we have a comprehensive contract (EES) with Microsoft, you can download and use Microsoft products for free from here.