Academic Computing and Communications Center was established in 2004 by merging Educational
Media Center and Science Information Processing Center, both of which had been in operation since the
foundation of University of Tsukuba.  In 2007, the center was restructured to be included in Organization
for Information Infrastructure, which organization is in direct supervision to the university head office and
the Vice President in charge of the information strategy of the university.
Academic Computing and Communications Center performs R&D relating to information environments
and information services that utilize such environments, as well as maintenance, operation, and service
provision for the information infrastructure. Its main activities include:

  1. Formulating information infrastructure maintenance plans
  2. Maintaining, operating, and providing services for the backbone information network
  3. Maintaining, operating, and providing services for the Zengaku computer network
  4. Providing various services based on information infrastructure
  5. Promoting environmental sophistication to education, such as with e-learning
  6. Ensuring information security

These activities and the related highly-advanced research and developments were promoted by an
organization consisting of four R&D departments. In 2012, the Office of Educational Cloud was established
to develop and to provide educational infrastructure, such as e-learning systems, and to promote
media contents.