About Windows errors during installation from the download station


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1) When newly installing the PC (Windows, Mac) version

  • You need to connect to the university server only once after installation for activation using VPN connection.
  • When the message that your PC is not connected to the university server disappears, VPN connection and activation has established.
  • After that, you can use it without any problem even if your PC is not connected to the university server.
  • Since the number of VPN connections that can be used at the same time is limited, please refrain from using VPN connection after installation and activation.

2) When the license warning is displayed on the PC (Windows, Mac) version

  • As with (1), make a VPN connection only once.


Microsoft Edge (Edge) and Internet Explorer (IE) are not suitable for downloading at the Download Station

If you use Edge or IE at the Download Station, an undesired process may occur.

We recommend you to use Google Chrome or Firefox.

When you download Virus Buster at the Download Station using Microsoft products, please apply the following solution method.

1. About download error

“TMVBXG…..exe was blocked because it could harm your device” message appears and can be seen only “Delete” Icon Box

2. Show hidden menus

Click ・・・ mark, then you will see the following popup window.

Click ”Keep”

3. The message “This app might harm your device” appears.

Click “Shore more” in the popup window.

4. The “Keep anyway” link appears.

Click “Keep anyway” in the popup window.

5. Install package stored

Exe file will be stored in Download folder.

Run the downloaded installation package

After running program file (.exe), click “More info” in the popup message of Windows Defender.

Click “Run anyway” in the next popup window.

If you have a question

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