Internet Security Management


The backbone network of the University of Tsukuba has a firewall installed between the campus network and the external networks. To ensure security, the firewall restricts unnecessary access to the campus network from outside. Besides, it removes possible computer viruses contained in emails.
If an on-campus website wishes to allow access from outside, we specially permit the server to do so on condition that the website is secure enough. The request can be made via the subnetwork committee. Also, if a mail server newly connects to the backbone network, we require the administrator to apply for registration of the server via the subnetwork committee so that we can enable the campus firewall to remove viruses at the server.

Mail Gateway

The maximum size of an email going through the mail gateway is 50 MB. However, please note that if an email is forwarded in the email delivery path to another sever equipped with a mail box, the size of an email can be limited differently.
Also, there is a limit to the number of emails that can be sent from each account per unit time. Be careful if you send a message through the mail gateway to hundreds of recipients at a time.

URL Filter

Access to some specific URLs is blocked from the campus network on the basis of information provided by University of Tsukuba ISIRT and some outside organizations.