Migration to Stream (on SharePoint) following the Discontinuation of Stream (Classic)



Discontinuation of Stream (Classic)

Currently, clicking on the Stream icon from the Microsoft 365 portal will take you to Stream (on SharePoint).
If you want to access the traditional Stream (Classic), you will need to click on “Click here to access Stream (Classic)” in the upper right corner of the page you are taken to.
After clicking, you will see Stream (Classic). This will be phased out.

After the discontinuation of Stream (Classic), the University’s administrators will no longer be able to provide support. This is because our administrators will no longer be able to access or use Stream (Classic).

Main differences between the services

Classic (Discontinued) on SharePoint(New)
Storage location and capacity Common for all users of the University of Tsukuba / Dedicated for Stream and limited capacity File space in personal OneDrive teams etc. / Capacity limits for personal OneDrive and each team
Storage Method Upload using Stream (Classic) Save files to your OneDrive etc.
Upload from Stream (new)
File access restrictions Viewing only
No downloading
Depends on managing permissions
Be careful with access permissions
Combined with other Microsoft 365 apps Stream Proprietary Videos across Microsoft365 (in SharePoint OneDrive Teams) are considered Stream videos using the SharePoint file platform
Live Capabilities Yes None
Migration to Teams
Who can upload Limited to specific users No restrictions

Migration Method

Please prepare the files you wish to migrate to Stream (on SharePoint) on your local machine from which you will upload them.

Please refer to the “Migration Instructions” for detailed video file migration.

Please refer to the following Microsoft Web site for details on migration of video settings, etc.

There are differences in functionality between Stream (Classic) and Stream (on SharePoint), but Academic Computing & Communications Center cannot provide support. Please understand this in advance.

Upcoming Schedule

Schedule Details
2023/5/15 You will no longer be able to upload new videos to Stream (Classic).
However, the Center has processed a deferral to allow uploading until August 15, 2023.
2023/8/15 You will no longer be able to upload new videos to Stream (Classic).
2023/9/15 You will no longer be able to create new Stream live events.
Stream Live events scheduled after 2023/9/15 will be automatically deleted.
2023/10/15 You will no longer be able to access or use Stream (Classic).
However, the Center has taken steps to postpone the project so that it will be available until February 15, 2024.
2024/2/15 Stream (Classic) will be completely discontinued and automatically disabled.Users and administrators will no longer be able to access or use Stream (Classic). All unmigrated Stream (Classic) contents will be deleted.

In Case of Troubles

Reference Links

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