Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) usage note


• SEP may not be able to coexist with other Symantec products (especially consumer products such as Norton).

System requirements

This software can be installed on Windows, Mac OS, Linux.
Please refer to the Symantec web page for detailed system requirements.

• If you are going to upgrade your PC to Windows 10, please check the version of SEP. If it is older than Ver.12.1.6 MP1, you have to uninstall SEP before upgrading to Windows 10.

About support end of old version (Ver. 11)

Support of Ver. 11 ended in January 2015. (Notice from Symantec is here.)
Users of Ver. 11 should promptly change to the latest version.

• If you are off-campus, please run LiveUpdate manually.
LiveUpdate may not work automatically. If the date written in “Definitions” section of “Virus and Spyware Protection” is old (usually it should be within 2-3 days), please run LiveUpdate manually.

[Confirmed consistency at 2016-12-16T11:34 with the Japanese version 2016-12-15]