Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) Uninstall Tool


In case the installation of SEP fails, Symantec offers an uninstall tool of all Symantec products.

However this uninstall tool is out of the support scope. With regard to failure or unexpected behavior by the use of this tool, we can not respond.

If you use this in an important environment, please take system backup beforehand. Prepare for failure before you use the uninstall tool.

For Windows

Download from the following link.

• Uninstall tool for Windows:

• Uninstall tool for Windows (Use this if the above CleanWipe does not launch):

Reference information on using the uninstall tool

“Manually uninstall Endpoint Protection 12.1 clients on Windows Vista, 7 or Server 2008” (The Symantec Web page opens.)

For Mac

(CAUTION) Because it is a tool not supported, please pay attention to use carefully.
SymantecUninstallMacE_app.tgz English app ver. (2016.03.31)
SymantecUninstallMacE_pkg.tgz English pkg ver. (2016.03.31)

[Confirmed consistency at 2016-12-16T12:08 with the Japanese version 2016-12-15]