(FAQ) regarding EES advantages


[Outline of the service]

Q1: What is the EES advantages?
A1: please refer to the table below.

EES advantages (Office 365 Education)
Paid/Free Free
Provided products The latest version of Office (Office is upgraded automatically to the newest version whenever a new version is released)
Target devices Total number of devices for home use: 15
– PC or Mac: 5
– Tablets: 5
– Smartphones: 5
Target users Students and faculty members (*1)
Use period Only the target users above who are currently enrolled in the university
Only if Tsukuba University has signed an EES agreement

※1 For information regarding target faculty members and students, please go here.

Q2: Is there any way of continuing to use Office 365 after I graduate/complete my studies?
A2: This is not directly related to Office 365, but license service provider Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd. offers “Microsoft Office License Special Plan for Students” at a discounted price. For further information, please refer to the poster put up in University Hall Book Shop (Maruzen) or the Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd. website below:

Q3: I have Office installed on my home PC. What should I do?
A3: There is no problem to continue using the Office already installed. In order to install Office provided by the University of Tsukuba, you need to uninstall the existing Office. These tasks must be done at your own risk, and the University of Tsukuba does not support it.
If you use Office provided by Tsukuba University, you can always use the latest version. In this sense, decide for yourself whether to use the Office already possessed or the Office provided by the University of Tsukuba.
If you are using Office 2010 or earlier, please switch to the one provided by the University of Tsukuba, because Office 2010 or earlier ones are not supported by Microsoft in terms of security update.

Q4: After I entered graduate school, I tried to use the Office of EES, but I can not use it.
The following error message is displayed: “The Office license that contains the desktop app for Office is not currently assigned. Please contact your administrator for details on how to obtain Office for your organization.”
A4: Office by the University of Tsukuba are not provided to those whose email address ending with @s.tsukuba.ac.jp.
Please follow the instructions in this page.
As described in this page, you must first sign up. Please use the email address ending with @u.tsukuba.ac.jp, not the one ending with @s.tsukuba.ac.jp, to sign up.
Mail addressed to @u.tsukuba.ac.jp will be automatically forwarded to the @s.tsukuba.ac.jp mailbox.
After signing in, you can check which account is currently signed in with “My Account” in the upper right of the application list screen.

【Sign Up】

Q5: I cannot sign up.
A5: You need to sign up (register) using your “@u.tsukuba.ac.jp” or “@un.tsukuba.ac.jp” email address, which is provided by the University of Tsukuba. If your email address is not accepted, make sure that you have made no typos. Please note that email address ending with “@s.tsukuba.ac.jp” cannot be accepted.
We request students enroll in 2017 or later to read the following website carefully:
Microsoft Office (for private use)

Q6:How is this service related to my personally registered Microsoft ID?
A6:Apparently, you can receive some charge-free services from Microsoft by creating a Microsoft ID using your personal email address. That is not related to this service of ours. We do not recommend using your @s, @u or @un email address to create your Microsoft ID. That could cause a problem when you receive services from the University of Tsukuba.

Q7: I am eligible for EES advantages (as a faculty member), but did not obtain a [@u.tsukuba.ac.jp] or a [@un.tsukuba.ac.jp] e-mail account.
A7: In the case of faculty members who are eligible to become users, part-time lecturers and part-time researchers may obtain a [@u.tsukuba.ac.jp] e-mail account.
Regarding applications for the above account or usage procedures for the University Computer System, please go here.
Regarding other target users (faculty members and students), a [@u.tsukuba.ac.jp] or a [@un.tsukuba.ac.jp] account will be issued upon appointment (upon joining the University).

【Sign in】

Q8: I entered the unified verification password but cannot log in.
A8: Logging into the Office 365 Portal requires a new password, which is defined by the user upon signing up for EES advantages instead of the unified verification password.

Q9: I forgot my password.
A9: As explained here(pdf), verify your e-mail address and recover your account on-line.

Q10: I signed in with an email address ending with @ u.tsukuba.ac.jp, but I can not use Office. What should I do?
A10: Information signed in with other previous accounts such as @s.tsukuba.ac.jp account may be saved in the browser cache and cookies. Because of this, even if you intended to be signed in at @u.tsukuba.ac.jp, you may be signed in at @s.tsukuba.ac.jp.
Please delete your browser cache and cookies, or check if you can use self-signup with other browsers such as “Microsoft Edge”, “Google Chrome”, “Firefox”, or use different devices.


Q11: Please tell me how to download/install the product.
A11: Sign into the Office 365 Portal Site from the target device and download/install the program.

Q12: Is it necessary to input the product key upon installation?
A12: No, it is not. Activation is done by signing in with the University e-mail address, which is an e-mail address that you have defined yourself.

Q13: I would like to use Office on an iOS device such as iPhone or iPad. What should I do?
A13: You can use the product by downloading each Office product from the App Store and signing in with the account signed up with the EES benefit. Please refer to Q5 for sign up.
In addition, you can sign in and use up to 5 smartphones and 5 tablets as EES benefits.

Q14: What should I do to use Office on Android device?
A14: You can use the product by downloading each Office product from the Google Play and signing in with the account signed up with the EES benefit. Please refer to Q5 for sign up.
In addition, you can sign in and use up to 5 smartphones and 5 tablets as EES benefits.

Q15: Can I use Office applications installed from App Store on MacOS devices?
A15: You can use it.
However, as a premise, it is necessary to use an account signed up with EES privilege.
Please refer to Q5 for sign up.
Also, to install Office from the App Store, each application (Eg Excel, Word, PowerPoint) needs to be installed separately.
You can use it by installing each application and signing in.

【After installation】

Q16: Is it possible to change the device to be used?
A16: Yes. It is possible to confirm/change the device to be used on the management screen of your own Office 365 portal site. For devices you no longer use, if you perform “deactivation” and uninstall the program, it will be excluded from the device number count.

Q17: Is it possible to use it off-line?
A17: As on-line license verification is performed on a regular basis, utilization must be, in principle, on-line. (Verification is performed upon signing into your Office 365 account). However, as there is a 30-day indulgency period for the regular verification, it is possible to use it off-line during 30 days after the last license verification. After this verification period, Office function restrictions are applied.

Q18: Please explain how to use each Office software program. (Setting up Outlook and please provide functional guidance for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
A18: Unfortunately, at this information desk we do not provide support regarding how to use the product. Please search necessary information by yourself or from the Microsoft community.

Q19: I would like to move current OneDrive data to OneDrive, which uses when going into graduate school.
What should I do?
A19: For those who graduated, complete of studies or retired, their accounts are still available, but will be deleted, after a certain period when the administrator confirms the departure.
In the meantime, please migrate, moving your own data.
The period until the account is deleted may vary depending on the situation, it takes 2 to 4 weeks after the date of the departure.
However, we do not guarantee that your data will be retain during this period.

Q20: An error occurs when trying to share a file by OneDrive in an office application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) on the Zengaku Computer System.
A20: Please sign out from the currently signed-in account in the running Office application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and sign in again. You can do this by selecting your name on display in the upper right of the window (by Switching account).
* This must be done every time when the Zengaku Computer System is turned on. Even if you have signed in or signed out before, you need to do it every time you start the system.

Please refer to the following page about OneDrive for Business by EES benefits of our university.
OneDrive for Business