Microsoft Office (for private use)


The University of Tsukuba has a contract with Microsoft with respect to Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) for software products. With this contract, members of our university can take the following benefits.
# For hospital staffs, please ask the hospital system administrator

  • Faculty and staff of our university can install eligible software products on PCs and other devices which belong to our university at no additional cost.
    → Please refer to the “Download” section of this site.
  • Members of our university (eligible users including students) can install Microsoft Office to private PCs etc. at no additional cost.
    → Please see below in this page.
  • Members of our university (eligible users including students) can use Office 365 cloud services at no additional cost.
    → Please see below in this page.

Installing Microsoft Office to private PCs etc. / Using Office 365 cloud services.

Thanks to the EES privilege, members (eligible users) of our university can install Microsoft Office up to on five personal PCs/Macs, five tablet devices, and five smartphones per person. (These advantage programs are called Student Advantage/Teacher Advantage (SA/TA).)
Eligible users can also use Office 365 cloud services such as Skype for Business and OneDrive for Business.
Please refer to the following website regarding the details of the advantage programs.

Eligible users: students, faculty and staff holding an @u or @un email address.
Note that those who left the university after concluding employment or after graduation cannot use the license.

Registration with Microsoft (signing up)

If you are an eligible user of our university and want to take the benefit of this advantage programs, you first need to sign up (register) for an account.
Please note that you cannot sign up with the address of! To sign up, you must have an email address that contains (faculty and students) or (staff). (Though email addresses of students enrolled in or after FY 2017 are in principle, emails addressed to, as long as the strings before @ are the same, are automatically transferred to @s. To sign up, please register as @u.) Note that the ID and password used here are managed by Microsoft, and are independent from the unified authentication at our university. When setting a password, please use one that is different from the password used for the unified authentication.

Sign-up webpage for students:
Sign-up webpage for faculty and staff:

The system at Microsoft allows you to sign up on either webpage. However, for a management purpose, if you sign up at the webpage for a different category than your own (e.g. if a faculty member signs up at the webpage for students, or if a student signs up at the webpage for faculty and staff), the administrator will delete that registration, so please be careful.

How to use after signing up (signing in)

A user who has completed the signing-up process, can download Microsoft Office program and use Office 365 cloud services by signing in to the Microsoft website.
The address of the website to sign-in is:

(* Note: Please sign in with your address which contains or If your browser is in a state that you signed in with an address, you will not be able to download Office program or so. In that case you will need to use a different browser, or to sign out and sign in again with @u address.)

After signing in, to download and install Office on your device, click the button at the top right of the portal.
Office 365 portal
* The buttons such as “Word”, “PowerPoint”, “Excel”, etc. displayed on this screen are not buttons for installing software on your local device but to use Office Online which you operate on the browser.

Getting help

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


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