International Academic Roaming Service “eduroam”


International Academic Roaming Service “eduroam”

eduroam is a world-wide roaming service which provides wireless LAN network access for the international research and education community. By using eduroam, members from participating institutions can connect their computers to local wireless networks when visiting other participating institutions. eduroam has been spreading globally and in Japan eduroam JP is operated mainly by the National Institute of Informatics (NII). The University of Tsukuba has joined since August 2014. Members of the University of Tsukuba can now use local wireless networks with their own devices in other participating institutions — and vice versa!

Members of the University of Tsukuba

Step 1: Create an eduroam alias account

To be eligible to use eduroam, you need to obtain an alias account from the Alias Account Issuing System (仮名アカウント発行システム), which NII manages. The instructions are as follows:

  1. Go to the eduroam 仮名アカウント発行システム (Alias Account Issuing System) page.
  2. Select “筑波大学 (University of Tsukuba)” from the “所属機関 (eduroam member institutions) list” and click on “選択 (Select)”.
  3. The Unified Authentication Login page will appear. Type in your UTID-13 and password and click on “Login.”
  4. You will reach the ユーザ同意取得システム (user approval obtaining system) (
    Agree to submit your data. If you do not agree, you will not be able to use eduroam.
  5. When the Menu page appears, click on “新規アカウント発行 (Create a new account)”.
  6. This will complete the registration process, and you will receive “eduroam ID and password.” Be sure to remember them.

Note: Internet access is necessary to perform the above steps, so we suggest you complete them before traveling.
Note: The Alias Account Issuing System (仮名アカウント発行システム) stops creating new accounts and migrates to a new system in September 2017. (Created accounts will be valid until March 2018.) The process of switching to the new system is now under way.


Step 2: Access eduroam

When you use eduroam in other participating institutions, set up the wireless LAN on your computer as follows:

SSID: eduroam
Security: WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption method: PEAP

Configure the connection not to validate the server certificate. When you select “eduraom” from the available network list, you will be prompted to enter your “User Name” and “Password,” so enter your eduroam ID and password.


  • Since the above instructions are just an example of typical setup, you may need to configure other settings depending on the network environment of the institution you are visiting. Ask the institution for details on its network environment.
  • The eduroam member institution list is available on
  • When using eduroam in other institutions, make sure to comply with their network terms of use.
  • Due to some network circumstances of the visited institution or country, you may not be able to use the eduroam. It is recommended to have alternative communication means such as mobile WiFi router.
  • You cannot use expired accounts. The account expiration will not be notified in advance. You should check and update the account expiration date before departure.

Visitors to the University of Tsukuba

You can use eduroam within areas covered by the University of Tsukuba’s on-campus Wi-Fi system. For information on how to obtain an eduroam account, ask your home institution. We recommend you to obtain an eduroam account before visiting the University of Tsukuba. The required setup information is as follows:

SSID: eduroam
Security: WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption method: AES (Do not validate server certificate.)
ID & Password: user’s own eduroam ID and password

[Confirmed consistency at 2016-09-01T10:56 with the Japanese version 2015-03-05]