International Academic Roaming Service “eduroam”


International Academic Roaming Service “eduroam”

Eduroam is a worldwide roaming service that provides wireless LAN network access for the international research and education community. By using eduroam, members from participating institutions can connect their computers to local wireless networks when visiting other participating institutions.  Please visit and/or eduroam JP for detailed information about eduroam.

For Members of the University of Tsukuba

Before visiting other institutions (obtain eduroam ID)

  1. Go to eduroam JP Federated ID Service.
  2. Select “筑波大学” from the “所属機関 list” and click on “選択 (Select)”.
  3. The Unified Authentication Login page will appear. Type in your UTID-13 and password and click on “Login.”
  4. Follow the instruction on the page and create your Federated ID and password.

Note: it is recommended that you try the following step in the University of Tsukuba campus before traveling.

At the institution you are visiting (connect to eduroam)

The following is a standard configuration.  It may be different by the visited institutions.

SSID: eduroam
Security: WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption method: PEAP
ID and password: the Federated ID and password you obtained in the previous step.
Server certificate: You will be asked for confirmation the first time you connect or the server certificate is renewed.  Be sure to check the fingerprint against those shown in eduroam JP federated ID page and accept it if it matches.


  • The eduroam member institution list is available on the page and the eduroam JP page.
  • When using eduroam in other institutions, make sure to comply with their network terms of use.
  • Due to some network circumstances of the visited institution or country, you may not be able to use the eduroam. It is recommended to have alternative communication means such as mobile WiFi router.
  • You cannot use expired accounts. The account expiration will not be notified in advance. You should check and update the account expiration date before departure.
  • If you want to acquire a new account and use it due to expiration, etc., we recommend that you delete the Wi-Fi profile of your device and set the profile again.

For visitors to the University of Tsukuba

Please refer to the page for visitors.

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