Network Management-Related Requests


ACCC appropriately responds to network management-related requests from on-campus organizations. Requests need to be made via their subnetwork committees.

IP address and Subdomain Assignment

ACCC assigns on-campus IP addresses and subdomains on a per subnetwork committee basis. The University of Tsukuba owns two sets of class B global IP addresses ( and and domain names “”, and “” for future usage.

Integrated Management of Information Outlets and Wireless LAN Access Points

The information outlets operated by a subnetwork committee can be integrated with those operated by ACCC, and the management can be transferred to ACCC. Also, if the subnetwork committee runs wireless LAN access points, they can have them connected to the ACCC information outlets so that the authentication function will be available. In order to use these services, there are some conditions and requirements to be met. Please contact ACCC for more details.

VLAN Configuration

If you need to configure a VLAN due to a reason such as transferring the management of an organization-owned server to ACCC by means of the server housing service, please apply for the network configuration change.

[Confirmed consistency at 2016-09-01T11:19 with the Japanese version 2016-05-24]