Guest Network Accounts


In an attempt to promote the use of access points Academic Computing & Communications Center (hereinafter referred to as “Center”) operates, the Center issues temporary accounts to visitors at the University of Tsukuba. This service enables visitors to have Internet access via access points installed in classrooms where events such as academic conferences take place.
For the locations of the access points, visit this website.


  • It is prohibited to apply for guest network accounts for students, faculty and staff. The On-Campus Wi-Fi System is available for them.
  • eduroam — a roaming service which provides mutual wireless LAN access for participating educational and research institutions — is available in the University of Tsukuba. If your institution is an eduroam member, you can have Internet access via our university’s campus wireless LAN with your eduroam account. This Guest Network Accounts service is only for visitors whose intsitutions are not eduroam users. For more details, visit this website.
  • To maintain security, communications over the guest network are restricted as follows:
    1) Incoming communications from outside of the campus are blocked.
    2) Outgoing communications from the network are permitted in principle. However, the following types of communications are blocked:
    – P2P file sharing
    – Attacks exploiting vulnerabilities
    – Spyware and malware
    – DNS queries searching for website names malware use
    – Transmission and reception of files containing computer viruses
    – Access to websites doing activities such as malware distribution, remote control and phishing.
    3) Outgoing communications from the guest network to outside are blocked, except by HTTP/HTTPS

Guest Network Account Issuance


  • The applicant must be a staff or faculty member of the University of Tsukuba, who can login to the Issuance Request page via Unified Authentication System (Shibboleth authentication).

Roles of Applicant

  • The applicant must ensure that someone who wishes to temporarily use the access points through this application (hereinafter referred to as “user”) comply with the Access Point Usage Regulations and follow the instructions described in the account information sheet.
  • The applicant must have control over who uses an account.
  • The applicant must cooperate with the Center if they need to contact a user.
  • The applicant must delete the accounts that anyone does not use as soon as possible.


  • Login to the website below and enter the required information in the fields:
    Guest Network Account Issuance Request    (accessible only from within campus)
    – You will be redirected to the login page of Unified Authentication System.


  • The account is valid for a maximum of 30 days.
  • The account is issued immediately after the request. However, if there are inappropriate points in the content of the user application form, the account may be invalidated by the ACCC staff without any notice.
  • Up to 10 accounts can be created for each applicant. If you apply for more than 10 accounts for an event such as an academic conference or need accounts available beyond 30 days, use the after-mentioned “Guest Network Account (for Conferences or Long Training Programs) Issuance”. Every bulk request needs to be reviewed before it is approved. Submit a request about one week in advance of the date of use.

Guest Network Account (for Conferences or Long Training Courses) Issuance

For the requirement for and roles of the applicant, see “Guest Network Account Issuance”.



  • If you need more than 10 accounts for an event such as a large academic conference, please make sure you include the official name of the event and, if possible, the URL of a website describing the event in the “必要な理由 (Reason for Requesting Accounts)” field. Please note that the name of the event provided will be put in our publications such as an annual report.
  • Up to 100 accounts can be created for each request. You can obtain more than 100 accounts by making multiple requests.
  • If you need less than 10 accounts, use the aforementioned “Guest Network Account Issuance”.
  • Every request needs to be reviewed before it is approved. Submit a request about one week in advance of the date of use.