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1) When newly installing the PC (Windows, Mac) version

  • You need to connect to the university server only once after installation for activation with using VPN connection.
  • When the message that your PC is not connected to the university server disappears, VPN connection and activation has established.
  • After that, you can use it without any problem even if your PC is not connected to the university server.
  • Since the number of VPN connections that can be used at the same time is limited, please refrain from using VPN connection after installation and activation.

2) When the license warning is displayed on the PC (Windows, Mac) version

  • As with (1), make a VPN connection only once.


Trend Micro Apex One that the University of Tsukuba has a license for is available only for members of the university.
Members who use the software on a personally-owned computer need to uninstall it promptly when leaving the university due to graduation, completion of studies or retirement.


Scope of License
Object Devices
Preliminary Notes before Installation


Trend Micro software install manual

Install Manual(Win & Mac) from Download Station.
install manual(PDF)

Scope of License

The license permits installation of the software on unlimited number of university-owned devices.
For the following Staff, Faculty, and Students, the license permits installation of the software on up to 3 personal devices (including Windows, Mac and mobile terminals) *1

  • Full-time staff and faculty of the university, the affiliated schools, and the affiliated hospital
  • Non-fulltime staff and faculty of the university *2
  • Non-fulltime staff and faculty of the affiliated schools and the affiliated hospital
  • Undergraduate and graduate students
  • Non-fulltime undergraduate and graduate students
  • Emeritus professors

*1 Installers for mobile terminals are being prepared.
*2 Those who are not directly employed by the university are not included.

Object Devices

Windows, Mac, Mobile Devices
Windows, Mac and mobile phones (Android/iOS) that meet the system requirements.
For the details, refer to the following

Linux that meets the system requirements.For the details,
refer to ServerProtect for Linux

Preliminary Notes before Installation

Please be aware of the following notes when using Virus Buster (Windows/mac) or ServerProtect for Linux.


  1. The following ports are used for communications between the software and the management server which is placed in Academic Computing & Communications Center:
      Windows : 80 443 137 138 139 445 4343 8080 21112 5274 5275
      Mac : 80 443 4343 5274 5275 61617

    If the subnetwork under which you connect your PC to the campus network has its own firewall, the firewall needs setting up to allow communications through the ports.

  2. Installation must be performed while connected to the campus LAN or VPN service.
  3. The activation code for the software is renewed every April. When the license is renewed, a new activation code is issued. Clients need to change the old activation code to the new one within 30 days. To make this change, you have only to connect your PC to the campus network. If you use the software off campus for a long time, connect your PC directly (or via VPN) to the campus network in April. Unless the new activation code is applied within 30 days, the software will be unable to receive the latest updates.


  1. When you perform a fresh installation or the license has been renewed, you need to set up the activation code. Access ServerProtect for Linux Activation Code Web and finish setting up.
  2. The license is renewed every April. Obtain a new activation code within April and apply the activation code manually. For the instructions, on how to obtain the activation code, refer to Installation for Linux.



If a different antivirus software program is installed

Follow the same instructions as above, except for 1 and 4. For the instructions on how to uninstall your previous antivirus, look up yourself. Note that it is unnecessary to uninstall Windows Defender.


Refer to the system requirements.
Installers are available to download from ServerProtect for Linux (Trend Micro Website)

For the settings, refer to ServerProtect Support Page.
To obtain the activation code, access here with your UTID-13.

Antivirus Software for Android and iOS .

ACCC has started offering TrendMicro Mobile Security (TMMS), an antivirus application for Android and iOS.(2018.11.27)

For more information, see below:

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