DNS Servers & NTP Time Synchronization Servers for On-Campus Clients


ACCC operates DNS servers and NTP time synchronization servers which are available for clients (such as PCs) connected to the campus network.

DNS Servers

The IP addresses of the DNS servers are as follows:
(If a client is connected to an access point connection ACCC operates, either of the IP addresses is automatically assigned to the client.)


NOTE: The DNS servers for on-campus clients ACCC used to operate will be unavailable soon. If you are still using them, please start to use the current ones as quickly as possible.

NTP Time Synchronization Server

The host name of the servers is as below:

  • timeserver.cc.tsukuba.ac.jp

NOTE: The IP addresses of the time synchronization servers can change, so set the date and time on your computer to associate with the host name.

[Confirmed consistency at 2016-09-01T11:08 with the Japanese version 2016-05-24]