Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES)



University of Tsukuba entered an Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) agreement with Microsoft.
Microsoft products such as Windows OS (upgrade only) and MS Office are available for faculty/staff managed PCs.
In addition, the privileges of the EES allow users, including students, to use Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365 services such as Teams and Stream on their personal or home PCs.

When using these services, please follow the ”Microsoft 365 Usage and Operation Policy in the University of Tsukuba“.

Please refer to the following for the main usage

  1. If you want to use Microsoft Products (Microsoft Office etc.)
  2. If you want to use Windows OS (upgrade only)


There are probably some problems when you are trying to use it without reading the guide carefully.
Please read each instruction carefully before use.



We have posted important notice for users.

Eligible software

Any software included in “Desktop Education” may be freely used such as Windows OS and Office within the limitations of the license. You can also use the CAL to connect to the Windows server OS.
Please refer to the following for the software that can be used with the privileges of the EES.

Eligible Users

It can be used on university PCs managed by faculty and staff.

List of users

If non-faculty members (including students) use Microsoft Products (Microsoft Office etc.), please check Microsoft Office (for private use).

Duration of EES

The EES contract between the University of Tsukuba and Microsoft is to be renewed every year. Software cannot be used if the university does not renew the EES. Uninstallation of software becomes necessary in addition to stopping use of software in this case.
If you lose your enrollment at the University of Tsukuba due to retirement, you will lose your license right. Please uninstall the software immediately.

Number of available licenses

There is no limit to the number of computers on which software may be installed as long as licenses are appropriately used under strict management of faculty and staff.
* Note that the University may investigate the actual status of usage.

Software distribution

There are two types: online distribution and media-lending.

About license authentication

It is explained about license authentication of EES.


EES related FAQ is posted. If you have any problems, please refer to here first to see if you can solve them before making an inquiry.


From the inquiry form.
Please select “EES (including Microsoft 365, Teams, Stream, etc)”, enter the required items, and contact.