Notes on using the Access Point Connections


  • When using the Access Point Connection Service, users should observe the University of Tsukuba Academic Computing and Communications (ACCC) Center Access Point Usage Regulations.
  • The University of Tsukuba forbids the use of any file exchange software programs (Winny, WinMX, Cabos, Xunlei and etc). If you are detected using such software programs, you may have your network connection blocked. Furthermore, you may be admonished by your relevant department.
  • Connecting devices with operating system whose product support is expired to network is prohibited.
  • In order to ensure the security of our network, please install anti-virus program on the computers connected to the university network. Our university provides an anti-virus program through site licensing. (
  • Connecting through other devices such as broadband routers (including FON) to link-up to the access point is prohibited.
  • File-sharing functions on computer operating systems enable other users to view files on your computer. They should be used with care.
  • Please refer to this URL ( whenever you use the access points. There will be important messages or notification of the latest changes on this page. Also, the URL for authentication could be changed and will be noted on this page.
  • Please also note that for each of the connection systems, there are notes that users are required to read and follow.
  • A firewall system is set up for the safety and security of access point users in order to screen and detect virus-infected computers or inappropriately used terminals. (The system records such information as senders, receivers, transmission start time, transmission duration, and the volume of information transmitted. The content of transmissions, however, is never recorded.) If abuse is detected, ACCC will contact the user to make inquires on how the access point was used. Users are expected to cooperate with these inquiries.
  • The University of Tsukuba utilizes information such as access point connections and other communication-related information except the transmitted content in order to improve the campus and network environment as well as to achieve academic research purposes. In making use of the information for the aforementioned purposes, a three-step process of anonymization, aggregation, and pruning is applied to preserve user privacy.
  • If you cause trouble to other users, you may have your service suspended for a certain period of time (about a week).
  • List of Forbidden P2P file exchange software programs
    You are not allowed to use them unless you have a legitimate reason (such as for research purposes).
  • Do NOT close the web page displayed after login till the completion of logout because it contains a logout button. When you want to logout from this access point connection service, press the logout button. Especially, when you use a shared terminal, you must press the logout button, otherwise you will be responsible for the use by the users of the shared terminal.


To those who use Guest Network Account

The URL of the login page has been changed. The new URL is below. (Note: Please access to the URL according to the procedure notified via e-mail.)

Login page