Unified Authentication System


Unified Authentication System

In the University of Tsukuba, passwords for some major computer systems are managed in a unified manner and you can use the same password for authentication. This system is called “Unified Authentication System”. Using the same password, the user can take advantage of various systems.
You can confirm your user information and you can change your password on the following page: Unified Authentication System web page (https://account.tsukuba.ac.jp/index-e.html).

Targeted users

Currently, the following categories of users are registered:

Undergraduate and graduate students
Credited Auditors, Non-degree Research students, Exchange students
Non-degree Research students affiliated with the International Student Center, trainees in the intensive Japanese program
Full time teaching staff, part time personnel
Cooperative graduate faculty
Post-J.D. trainees


You can find a list of systems using Unified Authentication password on the Unified Authentication System web page.

Please note that systems like FAIR and Web list of personnel do not use the Unified Authentication System. Although the initial password of Unified Authentication System is the same as the one for these systems, changing the Unified Authentication System password does not bring with it the change of password for the other systems (and vice versa).

Unified Authentication ID and Unified User Account

The Unified Authentication System uses a unified authentication ID and a unified account. Depending on the system, different user names (login names, account names) are used for authentication. Moreover, for some systems, additional user names are also used. Details can be found by checking “Systems using Unified Authentication” on the Unified Authentication System web page.

Unified Authentication ID (UTID-13)

The Unified Authentication ID is the 13-digit number printed on the back of your (student) ID card, under the barcode. Some systems, linked to the Unified Authentication System, use the Unified Authentication ID as login name (user ID). Unified Authentication ID may also be referred to as “UTID-13.”

Unified User Account (UTID-NAME)

Regarding the unified user account, individual user names are set for each user. Among the Unified Authentication System and the systems connected to it, some are using it as a user name (login name / account name). For students, the unified user account is “s” followed by the last 7 digits of the student ID number. For staff, in principle, the user name takes the form [familyname.firstname.zz] (maximum 20 characters in total). Unified User Account may also be referred to as “UTID-NAME.”


In the Unified Authentication System, the password is managed in a centralized manner and the same password can be used on all the systems linked to the Unified Authentication System.

Initial password

The initial password is the password registered when entering the university (commencing employment). The user can change it into a preferred password by accessing the Unified Authentication System web page. The initial password is needed when changing the password for the first time.

Initial password distribution


The initial password is notified by Unified Authentication System Password Card, distributed when entering the university.

Full time teaching staff, part time personnel, cooperative graduate faculty

The initial password is the same as the initial password for “Jimmu-kei” system (TRIOS, FAIR etc.). If you forget your password, it can be reissued at any of the locations described below.

Please note that for some full time teaching staff, depending on the time of commencing employment, the initial password may be different from the “Jimmu-kei” system. In this case, the user will be notified in writing.

For other categories of users wishing to use various systems, please contact the person in charge of each system for obtaining a user ID.

Password reissue

If you forget your password, a new password can be reissued for you. Please come in person to one of the following locations with your (student) ID card. Please be aware that you cannot obtain a new password if you do not present your (student) ID card or if you do not come in person.

Academic Computing & Communications Center Office 8.30 – 12.15, 13.15 – 17.15 (except Sat, Sun and national holidays)
Kasuga Area Kasuga Satellite Office 9.30 – 12.15, 13.15 – 17.15 (except Sat, Sun and national holidays)
Affiliated Library Central Library Check the TULIPS page.
Art and Physical Education Library
Medical Library
Library of Library and Information Sciences
Otsuka Library

If you cannot come in person because you are studying abroad or you are on a long-term business trip/training program, please contact the Academic Computing & Communications Center (tel.: 029-853-2452; e-mail: ldap-staff@cc.tsukuba.ac.jp).

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