About Comprehensive Contract of Adobe Creative Cloud (CC)


Adobe Inc. is supporting temporary at-home access of Creative Cloud.
This service is available until Augast 20, 2020 for no additional charge.
*This page is notice for students.

Faculty and staff those who use Adobe CC from home, please refer to 
following site.

Adobe Connect Extending Support in Light of COVID-19 Impact (in Japanese)

Install Adobe Creative Cloud (Desktop application)to your PC first.

Then login with your s*******@s.tsukuba.ac.jp 
<mailto:s*******@s.tsukuba.ac.jp> e-mail address and password of Zengaku 
Computer System.
At the time when logging in, if you see the phase of selecting "Personal 
account" or "Company or school account", select "Company or school account".
If you do not know your @s address, refer to following site.

Also, refer to the following page.
Common questions for Students & Teachers in campuses impacted by COVID-19
If you still have any trouble, contact to ACCC through following CONTACT 

About subscription→http://www.u.tsukuba.ac.jp/icho-news/

The University of Tsukuba has signed a comprehensive contract with Adobe for Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC), which starts on March 27, 2017.

Eligible Users

Staff and faculty are eligible, while those of the affiliated schools or hospital, or students are NOT.

Contract Term

March 27, 2017 – March 26, 2022


The installation method varies depending on the situation where the software will be used.
Choose the appropriate one.

  1. If a group of staff/faculty (such as in a lab or office) shares use of the software on a single university owned PC

Download Adobe CC from Download Station: https://ds.cc.tsukuba.ac.jp/download/
Before starting installation, read the following notes carefully.

If you install Adobe CC by using this method, you need to create an Adobe ID (free of charge) to manage actions such as software updates.

  • Do not perform installation with an installer on a PC on which you use Adobe CC by signing up (Method b). If you do, two accounts will compete against each other and that will result in a malfunction.
  • If you are logged in with your private Adobe ID, make sure you are logged out before starting installation.
  • To install the software on Mac High Sierra, you need to allow the installation by running a command with sudo.
  • If installation does not go well, email us via the contact form.


There are two types of installers available with different uses.
Before starting installation, terminate all other software applications.

  • Acrobat DC installer (AdobeCCWinJP / AdobeCCMacJP)
    Upon installation, Acrobat DC will be ready to use.
  • Adobe CC license-applying installer (LatWinJP / LatMacJP)
    First, install Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app:


Then, run the license application tool.

After running Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app and logging in with the Adobe ID which you created this time, install your necessary apps. Please note that apps displayed as “trial version” will become “full version” upon installation.

  1. If a staff/faculty member uses the software on his/her university owned PC
  2. Access https://adobe.cc.tsukuba.ac.jp and sign up with your UTID-NAME.
  3. After signing up, you receive two automatic messages from Adobe at the email address you used when signing up. Click on the link to “Create a profile” and complete password registration. If you try to set up a password which does not meet the requirements several time, you may be locked out. Read the requirements carefully before setting up your password.

You need to sign up only once. If you do twice, an error occurs.

By signing in with your enterprise ID — the email address you used when signing up (@u or @ un)­­­­ — and the password you set up, the comprehensive license will be activated and Adobe CC Desktop apps will be available.

You can sign in on up to two PCs simultaneously. When you try to sign out, please be aware that shutting down or rebooting does not necessarily mean signing out.

  1. If an administrator installs the software on multiple PCs (such as in a classroom) managed by the department/school

For installation on 20 or fewer PCs, Method a can be used.

For installation on more than 20 PCs, we provide the administrator with individualized consultation. When contacting us, please include the following information: classroom name, administrator name, PC type (Win/Mac) and list of desired apps.