The provision of National Instruments LabVIEW Site License


Degree Programs in Pure and Applied Sciences has a campus license agreement for LabVIEW manufactured by National Instruments (NI) until the 2022/6/30 version. Please see the following usage conditions and license number issuance. You can get the license serial number from the web page for user authentication and registration at the bottom of this page.

Usage conditions

  • Only versions released by 2022/6/30 can be installed
  • Location for the license use
    Tsukuba Campus (only for locations in Tsukuba)
  • Users who can use the license
    Full-time employees, part-time employees, and students of the university
    You cannot use the site license outside the above scope. Only for the presentation of papers and research results, you can use it off-campus.
  • It can be installed on university-owned PC only.

License number issuance

Only full-time faculty and staff who agree to the usage conditions can be provided with license numbers. Please enter this number when you install and activate the software on your laboratory’s PC or on a student’s one under your supervision. The faculty who gets them is responsible for the managing.

How to install

After downloading and installing the evaluation version from the NI Web site, enter the license number you got in the above procedure.
NI’s Web site: LabVIEW details page

Note: ACCC no longer lends out installation media. (2022/6/2)
Note: Evaluation DVD-ROMs are not currently being shipped from the NI Web site. (2022/11/22)
Note: Only the versions released by 2022/6/30 (2021 SP1 or earlier) are valid.

User Registration

Please select the purpose of use and click the button. (Only faculty and staff can register. Students cannot register directly. Please ask your supervisor to get a license number.) You must agree to the above usage conditions and use the license for the following purposes.

※You can access them only from within the university. Please authenticate with your Zengaku Computer System user name (e.g. tsukuba.taro.zx) and password.


There is no organization or person in charge that can respond to inquiries about this license. Please note that we do not accept any contact to the ACCC, the Technical Service Office for Pure and Applied Sciences, or the license manager under any cases. Please note that we do not accept any contact under any cases. However, you can use NI’s support site.