Internet Access for Visitors to the University of Tsukuba


ACCC provides Internet access for visitors to the University of Tsukuba (such as participants in events held on campus—e.g. academic conferences etc.). The following two types of wireless network services are available.


Since the University of Tsukuba has joined eduroam, visitors from other eduroam participating institutions can have Internet access on campus by using their own eduroam ID and password. To use eduroam, set up the wireless LAN as follows:

SSID: eduroam
Security: WPA2 Enterprise
Encryption method: AES
ID & Password: user’s own eduroam ID & password


  • Visit for more information on eduroam.
  • Ask your home institution for more information on how to obtain an eduroam account.  We recommend you obtain an eduroam account before visiting the University of Tsukuba.

Short-term User Account

ACCC provides a short-term user account for visitors from non-eduroam participating institutions. To obtain a short-term user account, a full-time employee of the University of Tsukuba (e.g. host of the academic conference) needs to apply for it on behalf of the visitors. Visitors can ask their host to do so. The required setup information is described on the document the applicant receives (i.e. Short-term User Account ID).

Notes for event hosts (full-time employees):

  • If a visitor request you to obtain a short-term user account for them, fill out and submit the below form to ACCC. Please be sure to submit it no later than one week before your event.

Click here for the application form.

[Confirmed consistency at 2016-11-07T11:49 with the Japanese version 2016-04-25]