Microsoft Teams


You can use Microsoft Teams as part of the Microsoft EES benefits.

Eligible users: Members of the University, such as members and honorary professors, who holding @u or @un email addresses.
(If you can no longer use @u, @un addresses due to job separation, graduation, or completion, you will not be able to use this benefit.)

Microsoft Teams overview

Microsoft Teams is a communication tool provided by Microsoft.

Reference page: Technical documentation

Advance preparation

Register with Microsoft (sign up)

To use Microsoft Teams, you must register (sign up) the address of (staff, etc.) with Microsoft. The registration method is written on the Microsoft Office (for private use) page.
If you are using * (faculty and students), you have already been registered at our university. Before signing in for the first time, please set your password on the Microsoft365 password setting site (accessible only from within our university).

How to Use

There are two ways to use it with a web browser and a dedicated application.
Either way, you need to sign in using the @u or @un address and password (which is independent from the unified authentication password) which you signed up in “Registering with Microsoft” above.

Use in web browserWeb

For example, you can:

Use in application

The app can be obtained from the Teams download page.


  • New account is required for students going on to higher education (undergraduate students -> graduate students, master program -> doctor program in doctoral course, etc.) while the previous account is expired. The contents you have been accessed so far will not be carried over.


# We do not provide support for the operation or usage of this software.
Reference page: Microsoft Teams Help Center