About the ArcGIS Site License offer


ESRI’s ArcGIS Academic Pack Premium (formerly ArcGIS Site License: hereinafter referred to as Site License) for higher education institutions was contracted for a five-year term from April 2022 to March 2027. This includes desktop products, cloud products, and server products. Starter packs (GIS data) are also available within the scope of site license use. However, affiliated hospitals and schools are not included in the scope of the license.

The University’s contract allows an unlimited number of ArcGIS for Desktop installations on University-owned PCs or the personal computers of faculty, staff, and students. Faculty and staff include university-affiliated researchers. To install, you need to download the installation file and a network connection to your ArcGIS Online account or license server. The distribution or duplication of installation media is not permitted by contract, so please do not redistribute the downloaded installation files.

If you lose your enrollment in the University of Tsukuba due to graduation, completion, retirement, etc., you will lose your license rights. Please uninstall the software as soon as possible.

ArcGIS Online

The University’s ArcGIS Online organization site has single sign-on authentication using Shibboleth. Sign in with your Unified Authentication ID and password (this will be your ArcGIS Online account). Please access the following URL and select “Univ. of Tsukuba” and follow the instructions on the screen.

ArcGIS ProArcGISPro[PDF:601KB] ArcGIS Pro operating environment

The software is used with a designated user license that signs in with an ArcGIS Online account at startup.
Select “Your ArcGIS organization’s URL”, enter u-tsukuba and click “Continue”.
Click “Univ. of Tsukuba” on the next screen and log in with your Unified Authentication ID and password.
Reference(Esri)ArcGIS Pro Setup Instructions

ArcMap Support is scheduled to end in February 2026. Use of ArcGIS Pro is recommended.

Available under a concurrent-use (CU) license. Set up a license manager (27004@arcgis.u.tsukuba.ac.jp) and connect to the license server for the Zengaku computer system. The license server can only be accessed from the campus network. If you are off-campus, please use a VPN service to make it an campus network environment.
* The license server for the Zengaku computer system may not support the latest version of ArcGIS.
Installation Manual for Ver. 10.8.2 in Japanese [PDF]

Starter Pack (GIS data) Go to the starter pack download site (on-campus only)
On terminals and remote desktop of the Zengaku Computer System, the data can be accessed from the “ArcGIS” -> “データコンテンツ アカデミック データパック” folder in the start menu.

ArcGIS Resource Collection
Add-in tool “Conversion Tool (Domestic Data) for ArcGIS Pro(in ArcGIS Resource Collection)

* Self-study content site (Esri)
Learn ArcGIS

Requested installation programs available only from MyEsri(on campus only)
(Sign in with your Unified Authentication ID)*please use a VPN service to make it an campus network environment.