About the ArcGIS Site License offer


With the introduction of the Zengaku Computing System, the University of Tsukuba has made a 5-year contract with ESRI on ArcGIS Site Licensing Program for higher education institutions (hereafter referred to as Site License) starting from April 2017 to March 2022. The covered software applications include ArcGIS for Desktop (Basic/Standard/Advanced) and Server products, developer products, mobile products. For Kyotsu Education System on the Zengaku Computing System, we would introduce ArcGIS for Desktop and these software programs can be utilized with no restraints on the numbers of copies. However, this does not apply for the University Hospital and university affiliated schools.

Usage Outside of Zengaku computer System

On stipulation that ArcGIS for Desktop can be installed and used on the computer terminals that the University of Tsukuba owns, or on personal computer terminals that teachers and students or administrative officials own. The teachers and administrative officials include those researchers who are enrolled in the University of Tsukuba institutions. To install, it is required to get connected with the License Server to download the files. The distribution or duplication of the installer media is prohibited, as it is not allowed under this contract.

The License Server on the Zengaku Computer System will be open outside of the system. Under this License Server, ArcGIS for Desktop can be utilized with no restrictions. However, the license server can only be accessed from the university network (including the VPN connection service clients of the ACCC).

License eligibility will be forfeited at the time of graduation, completion of master or doctor degree, or retirement from the University of Tsukuba. Software must be uninstalled immediately.

To install ArcGIS for Desktop, first see the installation manual:
Installation manual for ArcGIS Desktop 10.4.1 (within the university network only)

* The manual is about version 10.4.1, but the latest version can be installed basically in the same manner.
ArcPad 10 Registration number (within the university network only) [PDF:114KB] (Sorry, Japanese only)

ESRI JapanInstallation program and support information: to obtain the login ID and the password, you should read “Installation manual for ArcGIS Desktop 10.4.1 (within the university network only)“.)

*Note: Product name has been changed from ArcGIS 10.1.

*Note: On the occurrence of any malfunction on the license server for Zengaku computer System, it can be avoided sometimes by changing to the license server of University of Tsukuba GIS Consortium. The server for consortium, however, is not always in service. [ How to change the server name (within the university network only)]

*Note: ArcGIS Online is available as a cloud-based service. If you wish to use it, please apply to University of Tsukuba GIS Consortium.

For more information, contact

Academic Computing and Communications Center
E-mail accc-software@cc.tsukuba.ac.jp

Use of Other Arc-related Software applications

Server related products such as ArcGIS Server and other software applications are controlled by University of Tsukuba GIS Consortium (http://giswin.geo.tsukuba.ac.jp/gis-cons/). All inquires on the use of software applications other than ArcView and its extentions should be made to the University of Tsukuba GIS Consortium.

[Confirmed consistency at 2018-01-19T10:23 with the Japanese version 2018-01-19]