Access Point Connection Service User’s Guide


Access Point Connections

The University of Tsukuba operates various Access Points with different modes and areas of service, so computer users can have their own PC connected to the on-campus network system. As the Access Point Connections consist of different systems, available services may vary accordingly. Users are encouraged to become familiar with the kind of services available and use the Access Points appropriately.

There will be no fees charged in using the Access Point Connection Service, however, the user needs to have their own PC, network interface, a public line for public circuit connection service, ISP service for VPN connection, etc.

Who is eligible for the Access Point Connections Service

Please refer to the following table for eligibility for the Access Point Connections Service.

Category Procedures
Undergraduate students
Graduate students
Non-degree Research Students
Credited Auditors
Exchange students
Post-J.D. trainees
Qualified user with no need for application as long as they are a member of the university
Full-time faculty members
Part-time faculty members
Professors and associate professors with graduate schools of partnership programs
Qualified user with no need for application as long as they are a member of the university
* It may be a while before your account is ready. Please consult with ACCC if you need one right after arriving on campus.
Part-time researchers Need to apply for ACCC Computer Account.

User Name and Password

Users need to enter a User Name (UTID-13) and Password issued for the Unified Authentication System, a 13-digit code written on the back of your Student ID or administrator’s ID card.

Temporary Account Service

A temporary account service is available for visitors such as participants in academic conferences held on campus, so they can use the Access Points. To obtain a temporary account, a faculty member (who may be the local arranger of an academic conference) needs to fill out and submit an application form on behalf of the visitors.
Please contact ACCC for further details no later than one week before the day of visiting.
Please note that the Student Residence Hall Network System is to be replaced with an outside service in April, 2017.
We are going to stop receiving temporary account applications for using the student residence hall network after late March, 2017.

Application Form
(FYI: Visitors whose institution is affiliated with “eduroam” can access the Internet via the On-Campus Wi-Fi Network System by using eduroam. Please refer to this page for more information and inform those concerned of the availability of eduroam.)
(FYI-2: The organizer of a conference can use “Limited-time eduroam account for conferences” for the conference participants. Please check this page (written in Japanese) for detailed information.)

Available Access Areas

Please see this page (written in Japanese).


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