Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching
(was: Microsoft Imagine Standard)


You can use Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching as part of the Microsoft EES benefits.
* Microsoft Imagine has been changed to Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching overview

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (Hereafter abbreviated as Azure Dev Tools) is a program that provides Microsoft development languages, operating systems, servers, etc. for educational purposes.

Usage restrictions

The use of Azure Dev Tools software is limited to educational and research purposes and has the following limitations.

  • It cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  • It cannot be used to build infrastructure for undergraduate or laboratory computer environments. For example, Exchange Server cannot be used as a laboratory mail server.

Available software

Please check “Products” at for available software.

Range of use

Eligible person: University members (faculty / students) who have been given @u or @un email addresses, and university personnel such as emeritus professor.
(If you can no longer use @u, @un addresses after leaving, graduating or retirement, you will no longer be eligible for this benefit.)

Target devices: University PCs managed by faculty and staff, personal computers used for education and research purposes.

How to Use

Registration with Microsoft (signing up)

To use Azure Dev Tools, you need to sign up (register) for an account. To sign up, you must have an email address that contains (staff). See Microsoft Office (for private use) page for detail on how to sign up.
* (faculty and students) are already registered with our university. Before signing in for the first time, please set your password on the M365 password setting site (accessible only from within our university).

How to use after sign up

If you have already signed up, please sign in to with your signed up ID and password.
Please read
(FAQ) regarding EES advantages about sign up and sign in.


Please be noted that we do not support for the operation or usage of this service software.