On-Campus Wi-Fi System


For information on available access areas and eligibility for the On-Campus Wi-Fi System, see the User’s Guide.

The ways to use the Access Point Connections used to differ on the Tokyo campus and the Tsukuba campus. With the Access Point Connections on both campuses integrated as of September 2011, you can use the Access Point Connections on the Tokyo campus in the same way as on the Tsukuba campus.

Notes for the On-Campus Wi-Fi System

Please refer to the relevant notes on the access point connection.

The passphrase that is required for connection will be altered periodically. If a user does not have the latest passphrase, please obtain the latest passphrase using the Wi-Fi connection.

How to use the On-Campus Wi-Fi System


  • Computer terminals that are compatible with IEEE802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi interface
    Depending on your computer model, you cannot access the network unless the network driver is updated to the latest version.
    (We have confirmed that Atheros network devices may be unable to access the network if their driver software versions are old.)
  • Web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)

How to get connected

  1. Go to the web site of the On-Campus Wi-Fi Network System, and find the latest passphrase (you are required to enter your User ID (UTID-13) and Password to view this page).
    If a Wi-Fi connection is used, connect “utwlan-pub” first to get the passphrase.
  2. Use the search function on the operating system of your computer to look up available Wi-Fi connections, and select “utwlan-w”. Use the following Wi-Fi security settings:
    Security WPA2 personal
    Encryption AES
    Passphrase Use the passphrase as described above
  3. Open your web browser and get connected to the following page. Read the note carefully and click the “I agree” button.
  4. In the dialog box, enter your User ID (UTID-13) and Password and click the “login” button. You will get connected with the on-campus network system.

* Notes on using the Access Point Connections

After you have accessed utwlan-w, go to the usage note page by visiting any webpage beginning with “http” or by visiting the page directly. Please be aware that webpages beginning with “https” will not bring you to the usage note page.

The reason you need both passphrase and pwssword is described in this document (in Japanese).


  • *There will be no restrictions on the protocols that a user can use. However, transmissions from the on-campus network system to the On-Campus Wi-Fi System using 1-1023/TCP or 1-1023/UDP is set to be rejected.

IP address assignment

Assigned range for university members for visitors


For Sub-network Administration Committee members

Currently, all the base stations on the On-Campus Wi-Fi System are centrally controlled by the management unit. Thus, as a general rule, we are unable to incorporate the wireless LAN bases administered by the Sub-network Administration Committee into the On-Campus Wi-Fi System. However, it is possible to enable the verification function by connecting them to the information outlet under the Information Outlet of Zengaku Network System.

[Confirmed consistency at 2016-09-01T10:45 with the Japanese version 2016-05-23]