On-Campus Wi-Fi System


As for the available access areas and eligibility for the On-Campus Wi-Fi System, please see the User’s Guide.

The ways to use the Access Point Connections used to differ on the Tokyo campus and the Tsukuba campus. With the Access Point Connections on both campuses integrated as of September 2011, you can use the Access Point Connections on the Tokyo campus in the same way as on the Tsukuba campus.

The On-campus Wireless LAN System is installed under an assumption that mostly faculty members use it to download course materials in the classroom. The number of accesses may exceed the assumption when a lot of students in the same classroom utilize it simultaneously. In such cases, the system may be temporarily unavailable.

Notes for the On-Campus Wi-Fi System

You are requested to carefully read the relevant notes on the access point connection before use the system.

The passphrase that is required for connection will be altered periodically.

How to use the On-Campus Wi-Fi System


  • Computer terminals equipped with a wireless LAN interface compliant to Wi-Fi
    Some computer terminals require the latest driver software for their network device in order to connect to wireless LAN access points.
    (We have confirmed that Atheros network devices may be unable to access the network if their driver software versions are old.)
  • Web browser


Please set your device to obtain an IP address automatically.

Connection procedure

  1. Please obtain a passphrase. Only eligible users can browse the web phase where you can obtain the passphrase. You will be requested to enter your user ID (UTID-13) and password.
    Obtain a passphrase
    (Some browsers have a function which blocks your access to the link. In that case, please change your browser.The utwlan-pub service, which was used to obtain passphrase, has been discontinued. )
    User ID (UTID-13) and Password
  2. Use the search function on the operating system of your computer to look up available Wi-Fi connections, and select “utwlan-w” among options. Set the configuration related to wireless LAN’s security as described below.
    Security WPA2 personal
    Encryption AES
    Passphrase The character string obtained in 1.
  3. Access to the URL by using your web browser, and then, read the content carefully. Click the button only when you really do so. (Note: the login page will be displayed only when your device is connected with “utwlan-w” according to the steps 1. and 2.)
  4. In the dialog box which will appear, enter your User ID (UTID-13) and Password and click the “login” button. You will get connected with the on-campus network system.
    User ID (UTID-13) and Password

* Remarks
After you have accessed utwlan-w, you will be requested to be authenticated by a authentication dialog. In a particular case, an error message will appears instead of the authentication dialog. In that case, please change your browser and retry.

Once you have connected to utwlan-w, a web page with cautions will appear when you access to web pages whose URL start with “http”, whereas the web page with cautions will not be displayed when you access to web pages whose URL start with “https”.  Please access a web page with cautions explicitly.

As for the reason why you are requested to enter your passphrase and password twice when you use the system, please refer to this document (in Japanese).

Technical details

Usage Restrictions

  • There is no restriction on the protocols that you use; however, transmissions from the on-campus network system to the on-campus dormitory network system via 1-1023/TCP or 1-1023/UDP are blocked.
  • Communication among clients which are connected to the on-campus wireless LAN system is blocked.

IP address assignment

Assigned range for university members for visitors


issuing of visitors’ temporary Account for access point

Please refer to “Guest Network Accounts” page.

For Sub-network Administration Committee members

ACCC has installed access points of the on-campus wireless LAN system as part of improvement on information environment for undergraduates and graduates. For the undergraduates, access points are installed mainly in lecture rooms listed in the course catalog, whereas access points for the graduates are installed according to the requests from education organizations. Accordingly, ACCC has no plans to newly install access points elsewhere than these installation sites.

It is possible to install new access points and add them to the on-campus wireless LAN system at the expense of a corresponding campus organization.

Installation policy and installation notification form of on-campus wireless LAN access points (in Japanese)
How to obtain the installation policy and installation notification form: Go to the Committee page of the vulnerability report distribution system (the page with the purple top) and select the corresponding item from the right menu of the Help page.

ACCC periodically checks the classrooms listed in the latest course catalog and install access points into newly listed rooms. If there is any listed classroom where the access point is missing, please let us know.

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