VPN Service


General Description of University of Tsukuba VPN Service

The firewall devices block accesses from outside our university to protect on-campus services and web pages. VPN (Virtual Private Network) service transforms the accesses from outside into accesses inside the firewall virtually, so you can access the on-campus services and pages from off-campus networks by using the VPN service.

From November 2014, the VPN service started officially. The VPN service supports various OS and devices currently, and details are described below.

Some internet connections or network devices deny VPN communication.

List of Subnetworks Accessible via VPN Service

The accesses via the VPN service are limited to the subnetworks listed below. VPN client installed into your device uses your local internet connectivity when you access services or pages which are not listed here.

FYI: You may use “traceroute” command if you want to check whether your access to a specific URL is via the VPN service or not. It is recommended to ask the administrator of a target service about whether or not the target service is accessible via this VPN connection service.

Internal subnetworks accessible via VPN service (as of December 11th, 2014)

Zengaku Computer System
Academic Computing & Communications Center
College of Information Science
Department of Computer Science
Department of Risk Engineering
Venture Business Laboratory
Kasuga area
Web sites for staff only

Prerequisite for Use

The ID and password of Unified Authentication System are required.

How to Use


The manual of the VPN service is available here. ( Campus only and Require Login )

IP Address Assignment

Assigned range:

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