About the SPSS Site License offer


Along with the installation of the Zengaku Computing System, the University of Tsukuba has made a 5-year contract with IBM, Inc. for an SPSS Statistics and AMOS network license (hereafter referred to as Site License) starting from April 2017 to March 2022. The covered software applications include SPSS Statistics Base and SPSS Advanced Statistics. In addition, 5 concurrent users can use Regression, Categories and Conjoint options (a license for one user is used from when option function is executed until when SPSS is terminated). 25 concurrent users can use AMOS. As Statistics was multilingualized, the available user interface languages are Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese.

Usage Within Zengaku Computer System

Available on all the terminals and Remote Desktop servers.
To use Remote Desktop please refer to the following:

Usage Outside of Zengaku Computer System

All the faculty, staff and students at the University of Tsukuba are eligible for installing the SPSS Statistics and AMOS on any given computer terminal with no cost. The computer terminals on which the SPSS can be installed include personal computer terminals that the faculty, staff and students own, although it cannot be used by anyone other than the faculty, staff and students themselves. Public program students may use the SPSS programs that are installed on university computers regardless of whether their program has a tuition fee or not.

To install, the user is required to have the installation program file and get connected with the license server on the network. The university is providing the downloadable installation files. Also, installation media are available to be lent to colleges and schools, research institutes and centers and academic service offices until the end of the contract. Those with the above mentioned organizations who wish to borrow the media must have a License Administrator and apply to the Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC). The media can be both loaned-out and be duplicated for the members of the organization. It is also permitted that the media be duplicated up to the number of users. If a certain level of security can be maintained including proper authentication, the software may be located on a server and made available over the internet.

ACCC has the license server opened for those who install SPSS on a computer terminal and utilize it outside of the Zengaku Computer System network. On this license server, SPSS Statistics Base and Advanced Statistics are available without restriction. Commuter licenses are also available. The commuter license holder can run SPSS for up to 30 days without accessing the license server. However, the license server can only be accessed from the university network (including the VPN connection service clients of the ACCC). The firewall on the user’s computer needs to be configured to allow access to UDP/5093 on the license server (spss.u.tsukuba.ac.jp).

License eligibility will be forfeited at the time of graduation, completion of master or doctor degree, or retirement from the University of Tsukuba. Software must be uninstalled immediately.

Download the installer (within the university network only) *Sorry in Japanese
(Type the UTID-13 and password on the Unified Authentication System.)

Install manual for ver.27.0 for Windows [PDF] *Japanese
Install manual for ver.27.0 for Mac [PDF] *Japanese
Install manual for AMOS 27.0 [PDF] *Japanese

Install manual for ver.26.0 for Windows [PDF] *Japanese
Install manual for ver.26.0 for Mac [PDF] *Japanese

Install manual for ver.25.0 for Windows [PDF] *Japanese
Install manual for ver.25.0 for Mac [PDF] *Japanese

Install manual for ver.24.0 for Windows [PDF:683KB]



During the contract period, the users may have the software applications updated as needed. The new version will be made available by obtaining the installation program and setting the license code for the new version to the license server. So long as the license for the former version of the software has not been deleted, the user could continue to use the former version of the software on computers that have the older version installed. Meanwhile, the previous versions before ver. 18 are no longer supported by the maker. Along with this, you cannot use version 18 or earlier after April 1, 2017. Since it is necessary to allocate the number of licenses for each version, only the latest version and the previous version are available.
(Older versions are only available until the end of September 2017.)

For more information, contact

Academic Computing and Communications Center
E-mail accc-software@cc.tsukuba.ac.jp

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