About the SPSS Site License offer


A network license for SPSS Statistics and AMOS (hereafter referred to as “site license”) is available until March 2023.
In addition to Japanese, Statistics is available in English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese user interfaces.

If you leave the University of Tsukuba due to graduation, completion of studies, or retirement, you will lose your license rights. Please uninstall the software as soon as possible.

Target Products
Number of licenses offered and versions available (as of April 4, 2022)
Due to the license management system, the available versions of all options except Advanced are the same as those of Zengaku Computer System. AMOS is also available in the same version as Zengaku Computer System and the previous version.
Upgrading to the latest version on Zengaku Computer System is scheduled for March of each year.

Product name v25 v26 v27 v28
SPSS Statistics Base & Advanced unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
– Regression 6
– Exact Tests 4
– Categories 2
– Missing Values 2
– Decision Trees 2
*Zengaku Computer System is version 28.
*Option is licensed for one user from the time the optional function is executed until SPSS is terminated.

How to use

There are two ways to use: through the Zengaku Computer System or by installing dedicated software.

– Use in Zengaku Computer System

It can be used on all terminals and Remote desktop. All users of Zengaku Computer System can use the system anywhere there is a network environment, such as at home or on a business trip, without the need to install software or set up a VPN.

[Using Windows Desktop on the Zengaku Computer System]

– Use on PC

SPSS Statistics/AMOS can be installed on any PC/Mac at no cost to students (including non-degree students and research students) and staff of the University. PCs that can be installed include the personal belongings of staff and students, but SPSS must not be used by anyone other than staff and students of the university. If the software is installed on a university PC, it can also be used by students attending public lectures, etc. sponsored by the university, regardless of whether they are paid or free of charge.

Installation requires an installation program file and a network connection to the license server.

Concurrent User license is provided. The license manager (spss.u.tsukuba.ac.jp) is set up and connected to the license server for the Zengaku Computer System. The license server can only be accessed from the university network (including clients of the VPN connection service of the Academic Computing and Communications Center. The firewall must be set to allow access to the license server (spss.u.tsukuba.ac.jp) UDP/5093. If you are using a private address, please set up address translation if necessary.
This license server issues a “commuter license”. If you obtain a commuter license, you will be able to run SPSS for up to 30 days without connecting to the license server. However, the option does not work.

the installation program download site (on-campus only)(in Japanese)
(Authentication using the Unified Authentication ID [13-digit number] is required)
*If you are outside the university, please connect to the university network using a VPN service.

Installation Manual
Installation Manual for Version 28.0 for Windows [PDF]
Installation Manual for Version 28.0 for Mac [PDF]
Installation Manual for AMOS 28.0 [PDF]

Frequently Asked Questions


    • Version upgrades can be made at any time during the contract period. The new version can be used by obtaining the installation program and setting the license code for the new version on the license server. You can continue to use the previous version on the PC on which the previous version was installed unless the license for the previous version is deleted from the license server. The previous license will be provided until the end of IBM’s product support (IBM Support Product Lifecycle). Note that AMOS requires an allocation of the number of licenses for each version, so you can use only the same version as the Zengaku Computer System and one previous version.
    • Version 24 is no longer supported by IBM. Our university also stopped providing it on March 22, 2022; if you are using v24, please upgrade to the latest version.
      IBM Support Product Lifecycle