Adobe CC: How to use for faculty and staff


Faculty and Staff (including faculty and staff of affiliated hospitals and schools)

How to use for Faculty and staff

You can use your Enterprise ID to log in from the Adobe CC desktop app.
Please self-sign up only once for the first time.
If you have already self-signed up, you can continue to use the service after your contract renews on March 31, 2026.
Please see below for more details.

Adobe CC: Self-sign up to get an Enterprise ID and use it

Adobe CC : セルフサインアップしてEnterprise ID を取得して使う


Those who use only Acrobat can also download and use it from the following link.However, please note that you will need to delete your profile if you want to use other products later.
Download Acrobat DC Installer (Enterprise Term or VIP License Edition)

Logging in with an @un or @u  e-mail address (Enterprise ID) from the “Adobe CC App” on a personally owned PC is prohibited as it is outside the scope of the umbrella agreement.

How to use “AdobeCC for Lab (former name: Shared Device License)

AdobeCC for Lab (former name: Shared Device License)” is provided as a way for students to use Adobe CC on educational PCs owned by the University that are used in laboratories (including PC classrooms).
Only faculty and staff can download and install “AdobeCC for Lab (former name: Shared Device License)”. Students can use the products by logging in to Adobe CC on their installed computers (using their @s email address).
For more information, please refer to following page.

Adobe CC: AdobeCC for Lab | on campus only

Inquiries about this service

If the information on this page does not resolve the problem, please contact us in person using the inquiry form. We ask that you use the inquiry form even if you have made an inquiry by telephone.

Timely information about the software is sent out via the university-wide computer system e-mail magazine.
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