Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) – Eligible software


Please check the table below for the available software.

Windows OS(upgrade version), Office products

Windows OS
(upgrade version)
(Windows version)
(Mac version)
New installation ×(For installation on a mac, refer to “Windows OS Installation on a Mac” below.)
Products Windows 11 Enterprise
(64/32 bit,Japanese・English version)
Office 2019 Professional Plus
(64/32 bit,Japanese・English version)
Office for Mac 2019
(Japanese・English version)
Windows 10 Enterprise
(64/32 bit,Japanese・English version)
Office 2016 Professional Plus
(64/32 bit,Japanese・English version)
Windows 10 Pro
(media-lending only)
(64/32 bit,Japanese・English version)
  • Available Window OS products are “upgrade versions” only. New installation is not possible.
  • Windows OS installation on a Mac
    The EES contract allows users to install Windows OS on a Mac using an upgrade license. The installation can be performed via one of the following two types of software:

    <1> Use Windows OS with Apple Boot Camp
    <2> Use Windows OS as a virtual OS on Mac OS with virtualization software

    ※ Virtualization software (VMware Fusion,Parallels Desktop,Virtual Box)
    For both <1> and <2>, installation programs downloaded from Download Station cannot be used for the installation of Windows OS via the above software. Please borrow an installation DVD for new installation from the counter.
    However, as a license agreement, an upgrade license with Mac OS as the upgrade source will be applied.

    Please be aware of that we do not provide support for installation.
  • In principle, the latest version and its former version will be distributed considering security and support burden.
  • There are two types of each products (Japanese and English version). (Other language versions will not be distributed)
  • Only Windows and Office products on the list can be used.
  • The EES contract is intended for faculty and staff. So students cannot install it.
    (However, it is possible for students to install products under the supervision and responsibility of their faculty members)

Core CAL (Core Client Access License)

Eligible personnel can also use CAL to connect to Windows Server OS.

CAL Category
Windows Windows Server CAL
Exchange Exchange Server CAL
SharePoint SharePoint Server CAL
SCCM System Center Configuration Manager CML
  • The server OS(Windows Server 2012, etc.)is not included in the EES contract. Please purchase it on your own.
    The EES is based on the number of faculyt and staff. Therefore, Core CAL is only available to faculty and stuff who are coverd.
  • Insufficient CAL and external connector licenses must be purchased by each organization.
  • Always ask the Microsoft license contact or other designated contacts if clarification is needed.