Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) – Media Lending


The EES contract allows primarily for online distribution of media. However, physical media may be lent as a backup option.

Eligible Borrowers

Faculty and staff only(the EES covers licenses for faculty )
Only faculty/staff can borrow or return it. Receipt of media by students on behalf of faculty and stuff is possible by contacting the Academic Computing and Communications Center at the time of reservation (reservations may not be changed).

Available Software

Windows OS
(upgrade version)
(Windows version)
(Mac version)
New installation ×
Products Windows 10 Enterprise
(64/32 bit,Japanese and English version)
Office 2019 Professional Plus
(64/32 bit,Japanese and English version)
Office for Mac 2019
(Japanese and English version)
Windows 10 Pro
(64/32 bit,Japanese and English version)
Office 2016 Professional Plus
(64/32 bit,Japanese and English version)

Lending Locations

Tsukuba Campus:
Academic Computing and Communications Center office
Phone:Extension 2451
Office hours:9:00-17:15 Monday to Friday
Kasuga area:
Office of Information Promotion (Kasuga Satellite Office)
Phone:Extension 81241
Office hours:9:00-16:00 Monday to Friday
Tokyo Campus:
Division of Services (General Affairs)
Phone: 03-3942-6805
Office hours:9:30-17:00 Monday to Friday

Loan Period

Maximum of three days after receipt of media (includes day of receipt; excludes Saturdays and Sundays)

Detailed Borrowing Procedure

  1. Please bring the following to the lending locations.
    *When a student is borrowing on behalf of faculty/stuff, the borrower must bring the following items and advanced e-mail notification is necessary (this option is only possible at the Academic Computing and Communications Center).

  2. A signed copy of the “loan request” form will be provided when the media is lent.
  3. Install the software. Record the number of machines that the software was installed on in the “loan request” form and return with the media as soon as possible.
  4. Sign the “media returned” portion of the original “loan request” form when returning the media.
  5. A copy of the “loan request” form will be provided once you return the media.


  • Users may not reproduce or copy media.
  • Please be sure to return the media within the loan period because the next borrower will be affected.
  • Please show your University of Tsukuba staff ID when lending.
  • Lending is available at office counters only, and in principle cannot be lent or returned through campus mail. However, you may request an exception when you are in a remote location.
  • You cannot borrow any media unless you agree to the terms outlined in the commitment form.
  • Students should not install software. However, if there are no other options, installation must be done under strict observation of faculty or staff, and media must be managed carefully.
    • Take measures to prevent illegal copying.
    • Be aware that faculty and staff who borrow media must take responsibility in the case of illegal use or distribution of media.


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