[Reference information]About feature update program in Windows 10

Application of the Windows 10 feature update program may cause problems such as not functioning of the application such as VirusBuster.
The application of the feature update is done automatically by Windows Update, but you can postpone the application of the update by setting, with the exception of Windows 10 Home.
You can also revert to the previous version after applying.It may not be possible depending on the conditions.
Please refer to the following and deal with as necessary.

[FAQ] I want to postpone the application of Windows 10 feature updates
[FAQ] I want to revert to the previous version after applying the Windows 10 feature update

The above is for reference only. Please do it at own risk. Academic Computing & Communications Center can not provide individual support.

Password Length for Unified Authentication System Extended to 8-16 Characters

The password length for Unified Authentication System, which manages passwords for some University-hosted computer systems, was 6 to 8 characters long.
Now the length have been extended to 8-16 chars.

You don’t have to change your password.
Even if you are using password of length 6 or 7 characters, you can use it without problems.
(Although you have to choose longer password when you change your password.)

But, since longer passwords mean enhanced security in general, we recommend you to use as long a password as possible.

You can change your password from: