End of provision due to the end of MS support for Office 2019 for Mac

Microsoft support for Office 2019 for Mac ended on October 10, 2023.

Therefore, we will also end the provision of the download station (software distribution management system) at our university.
Office 2019 for Mac will continue to work for a while, but please upgrade to the new version of Office from a security perspective.

For the upgrade

If you have a @u or @un email account, then using the comprehensive agreement between our university and Microsoft, you can install Microsoft 365 Office app, launch and sign in to use it.

For more details on Microsoft 365 Office (personal use of Microsoft products), please refer to Microsoft Products (for private use)/

If you use Microsoft 365 Office (which has been installed by the PC administrator user) on a PC shared by multiple users having @u or @un, please create a PC account (profile) for each user. Every user can sign in then use it after login the PC with his/her own PC account.
* Using Microsoft 365 Office from a common PC account (same ID/password) suffers from the risk that one’s OneDrive, etc., are open to access by multiple persons.

For cases such that non-member users (do not have @u or @un) to use Office on a shared PC, please contact us.

Contact for this matter

Please find and follow “Contact” at the bottom of https://www.cc.tsukuba.ac.jp/wp_e/service/software-license/ees/