Notice of Maintenance of Unified Authentication System (Shibboleth IdP)

Due to an update to the Shibboleth IdP version, you will not login to some services that use the unified authentication system such as manaba and Trios in the following date and time.
Please avoid using these services in the period.

Jul/24 5:30-8:00

(provisionally supported) Regarding email accounts for March 2024 graduates (update 2024/4/12)

(Updated 4/12/2024, 16:30)
Due to a system malfunction, the email accounts of those graduating at the end of the 2023 academic year were locked. We were worked on a temporary solution. Accounts will be made available in due course.

As this is a temporary solution, only email will be available from 2024/04/20 onwards.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Due to a system malfunction, the email accounts of those graduating at the end of the 2023 academic year were locked. We are currently working on a temporary solution.
Sorry, please wait until it is available.
As this is a temporary solution, only email will be available from 2024/04/20 onwards.

End of provision due to the end of MS support for Office 2019 for Mac

Microsoft support for Office 2019 for Mac ended on October 10, 2023.

Therefore, we will also end the provision of the download station (software distribution management system) at our university.
Office 2019 for Mac will continue to work for a while, but please upgrade to the new version of Office from a security perspective.

For the upgrade

If you have a @u or @un email account, then using the comprehensive agreement between our university and Microsoft, you can install Microsoft 365 Office app, launch and sign in to use it.

For more details on Microsoft 365 Office (personal use of Microsoft products), please refer to Microsoft Products (for private use)/

If you use Microsoft 365 Office (which has been installed by the PC administrator user) on a PC shared by multiple users having @u or @un, please create a PC account (profile) for each user. Every user can sign in then use it after login the PC with his/her own PC account.
* Using Microsoft 365 Office from a common PC account (same ID/password) suffers from the risk that one’s OneDrive, etc., are open to access by multiple persons.

For cases such that non-member users (do not have @u or @un) to use Office on a shared PC, please contact us.

Contact for this matter

Please find and follow “Contact” at the bottom of

Migrating from Microsoft Teams (old) to the new Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has announced significant changes to Microsoft Teams (hereinafter referred to as “Teams”).
This implies that users will need to switch to the new Teams app.
The existing app (hereinafter referred to as the “old app”) is scheduled to be unavailable after March 2024.


  • Microsoft is making changes to Teams.
  • The old app will no longer be available after March 2024.
  • Users will be able to switch between the old and new apps starting in January 2024.
  • The new app is already available (However, the Web browser version is not yet available).
  • Please research the features of the new app individually if necessary.

Our university plans to allow users to choose and implement the transition from the old app to the new Teams in response to these changes (scheduled for January 2024).

Those currently using the old app will be able to introduce the new Teams through its features.

※ Please note that the old app distribution has already ended, so this announcement does not apply to those who have already adopted the new app.

For reference information on the new Teams, please visit the following site:

The Academic Computing & Communications Center does not provide support for using the app.
However, we do address account-related issues. Please research the specific usage of the app on your own.

[Important] Change initial password for the Unified Authentication System as soon as you received it

To new students enrolled in September or October

The initial password for the Unified Authentication System notified to you by card or other means will expire if you do not change it within the specified period.

If you have not changed it yet, please do so immediately from the Unified Authentication System page.

(We have also announced this to the relevant persons by e-mail.)

Notice on Termination of Microsoft Stream(Classic)

As announced before, Microsoft Stream (classic) is replaced by Stream (on SharePoint) in a certain term so please move your videos accordingly.

In this case, the following problems may occur.

  • Videos on Stream (classic) owned by users who have quit (retired, graduated, etc.) our University will be deleted according to the replacement.
  • Only the owners of the videos on Stream (classic) can operate, including downloading.
    Therefore, other users cannot access these videos if the owners have quit.

Due to copyright issues, ACCC cannot change the ownership of such videos without the owners’ consent.

Owners who plan to leave please transfer the ownership to other members beforehand.

See also:
Migration to Stream (on SharePoint) following the Discontinuation of Stream (Classic)

UTOS Emergency Maintenance

UTOS is in Emergency Maintenance

Please be noticed that during the maintenance from

18:00 July 21 to July 24, 2023, any access from outside

the campus network will be rejected.

[Performed on 7/19] Maintenance to remove alumni accounts that cannot use MS Teams from the team

This maintenance was performed on Wednesday, July 19, 2023.
Due to some errors, some users could not be removed from the team.
This will be addressed in the future.

From the end of last academical year (this March), graduates can use their mail address even after graduation.

However, because they are no longer the licensees of other Microsoft (MS) products such as MS Teams, confusions may rise like the following.

  • In a Team which the graduated member belongs to, other members can send he/she messages.
  • The graduated member who can no longer access MS Teams , cannot read the message, neither know that he/she has been sent a message.

To avoid such unnecessary confusions, graduate accounts will be removed from any teams by the system administrator on July 18 or 19, 2023.

It may take some time before the removed accounts disappear from the teams.

Remarks : Please be assured that in the teams, chat logs and/or files uploaded/created by the removed users will not be deleted.