Network communication interruption due to SINET maintenance (8/29, 9/12)

The National Institute of Informatics has informed the maintenance of SINET, which the University of Tsukuba uses for external connections and network connections to the Bunkyo campus.

Date and Time : Monday, August 29, 2022, 1:30 〜 3:00
Impact : There will be breakdowns in network connections of about 15 minutes occur 1 to 3 times throughout the University of Tsukuba and Bunkyo campus (including attached school)

Date and Time : Monday, September 12, 2022, 3:00 〜 6:00
Impact : There will be breakdowns in network connections of about 15 minutes occur 1 to 3 times at Bunkyo campus (including attached school)
The only communication from the Bunkyo campus to the outside is interrupted.
There is no effect except for the Bunkyo campus. 

This maintenance will be the operation of the entire SINET service.
Other institutions using SINET are also likely to be affected by the maintenance with similar communication breakdowns.
Please refer to the information provided by each institution regarding maintenance at other institutions using SINET.

To the users who own public team(s) on Microsoft Teams

Using the Microsoft EES from our Univ., you may have created teams (and/or SharePoint groups), carelessly let the privacy set to “public”. This makes your messages/files post/uploaded to such teams sharable to all the Univ. members. To enhanced security, all public teams will be set to “private” by system administrator after September 1, except those teams with names begin by “public-” which asserts that they are “public” on purpose.
Please modify your teams name and/or privacy property as soon as possible, referencing Notes on the scope of file disclosure on Microsoft products (Teams, OneDrive, etc.) if it is necessary.

Maintenance on Backbone Network Equipment (8/16)

ACCC will be performing maintenance on the backbone network equipment as follows:

Thank you for your cooperation in the stable operation of the backbone network.

Date and Time : Tuesday, August 16, 2022:10:00 〜 17:00

※Communication outages will occur several times for about 5 minutes

Summary: Upgrade of the backbone network equipment
Impact: All campuses of the University of Tsukuba(including remote centers and attached school)

Communication will be suspended in the Kasuga area and Bunkyo Campus once for at least 15 minutes.

(Fixed) Failure to use some ArcGIS features and products

This problem has been fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Some ArcGIS features and products are currently unavailable. The cause is under investigation.
For more information, click here. (in Japanese)

Maintenance of utwlan-pub (8/9)

We will conduct maintenance of utwlan-pub On-Campus Wi-Fi System.

utwlan-pub is for obtaining a passphrase to connect to utwlan-w.

There is no effect for utwlan-x and eduroam that does not require a passphrase or connected to utwlan-w once.

Date and Time: Tuesday, August 9, 2022:10:00 to 17:00(about 30min)
Impact: Even if you see the utwlan-pub signal, however, cannot obtain the passphrase for utwlan-w.

ACCC Services during University Closure Period (August 15 – 19, 2022)

ACCC will be closed for the university summer closure from Monday August 15 to Friday August 19, 2022. All systems ACCC operates will continue working during the closure period. However, services such as handling inquiries and problems will be unavailable. As ACCC does not provide support on weekends or holidays, those services will be unavailable for 9 days in total. Problems that may occur during that period will be handled from Monday August 22. If you experience an urgent problem during the period, please contact us via the form below:


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

About email from Adobe(2022/07/11)

On 7/11, an automated email from Adobe was sent to some users with the following subject line.

Complete Plan (Educational Institutions) available.”

This was due to an administrative operational error.
We understand that some of you may have felt uneasy.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The range of available services for each type of constituent is as described on the University’s page on Adobe CC.

About Comprehensive Contract of Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC)

Investigation of the backbone network trouble (July 10)

An investigation will be conducted into the failures occurring in the backbone network.

During the investigation, communication interrupts will occur several times from a few seconds to a maximum of 5 minutes.

In addition, communication may become unstable due to failure.

We appreciate your cooperation in the stable operation of the backbone network.

Date and Time : Sunday, July 10, 2022, 09:00-17:00

Work Contents: Investigation of backbone network failures

Impact: Communication will be interrupted in the backbone network for a few seconds to 5 minutes.

The expiration of the initial password for the Unified Authentication System (for students who enrolled in April and staff who arrived in April)

The initial password for the Unified Authentication System notified to you by card or other means will expire if you do not change it within the specified period.

If your initial password for the Unified Authentication System has expired (i.e., you can no longer log in), you will need to have your password reissued (reset). You can have your password reissued at the nearest university library with your student ID card. Please refer to the following

FAQ “I lost my Unified Authentication System password or my password is no longer valid”