Trend Micro Security for Mac Now Supporting Mac OS 10.14 Mojave

Trend Micro Security for Mac (TMSM) now supports Mac OS Ver. 10.14 Mojave
with Agent Ver. 3.0.3067.

If you are using TMSM, you can update the agent to the newest version by
re-installing the software.

For instructions on how to uninstall TMSM, see “「トレンドマイクロ製品のアンインストールについてのページ」”.

After the agent is updated to the latest version, the status will be
displayed as follows:

NOTE: Be sure to update your TMSM to the latest version before updating your
Mac OS to Mojave. Update to Mojave with an old version of TMSM agent can
cause your Mac not to boot up.

FYI: TMSM Critical Pach(ビルド 3067) について (Trend Micro website)