About upgrading to Windows 11

(Updated on 2022/1/31)
Please be informed that, for the moment, Windows 11 Enterprise is provided here AS IT IS. We do not support should any trouble caused during/after your upgrade.
Windows OS (Upgrade)

[Target person of this notice]
(A) Persons who have upgraded to Windows 10 with a Microsoft license provided by the university.
(B) Persons who are trying to upgrade to Windows 11 with the Microsoft license provided by the university.
* This upgrade is a change from Windows 10 or earlier to Windows 11 provided by the Academic Computing & Communications Center.
Those who do not plan to upgrade are not eligible.

Microsoft Windows 11, released on October 5, 2021, is expected to be available in late January 2022 as a Windows OS upgrade under the University’s Comprehensive Agreement for Education (EES).
We will inform you again on this page when it becomes available, so please wait for a while for Windows OS upgrade support.

Free upgrades be distributed from Microsoft’s website etc., but please refrain from doing so until the university verification is completed.
If you are using the anti-virus software distributed by the Academic Computing & Communications Center, please check if it is compatible with Windows 11 before upgrading.
Please note that Organization for Information Infrastructure will not be able to handle any problems caused by upgrading the Windows OS independently before the notification of the end of verification.