Network communication interruption due to SINET maintenance(6/12,6/17)

The National Institute of Informatics has informed the maintenance of SINET, which the University of Tsukuba uses for external connections.

During maintenance, network connections outside the campus and between the Tsukuba Campus and the Tokyo Campus will be interrupted.

Date and time: Monday, June 12, 2023, 4:30 〜 6:00 AM
Work contents: Maintenance of SINET
Impact: No communication interruption is expected.

Date and time: Saturday, June 17, 2023, 0:00 〜 2:00 AM
Work contents: Maintenance of SINET
Impact: Communication interruption of about 1 minute will occur 4 times within the maintenance time.

Maintenance of off-campus connection lines (4/10)

The following work will be performed to update the off-campus connection lines.
No communication impact is expected to occur, but communication breakdowns may occur.

Date and time:Monday, April 10 11:25~12:15
Work contents:Maintenance of off-campus connection lines
Impact:No communication impact is expected to occur, but communication breakdowns may occur.

For those who plan to install Trend Micro Apex One

There are many cases where the computer stops working when ApexOne is installed on a computer to already installed another company’s antivirus software.
Be sure to uninstall all antivirus software before installing ApexOne.
(Example: McAfee, Virus Buster cloud)

Recently, there have been reports of PCs with multiple anti-virus software installed on the PC immediately after installation.

Please read the following carefully before installation.
Trend Micro Antivirus Software Site License Offer

Trouble with Teams, OneDrive, and other M365 apps (Restored on 3/28)

The problem has been restored. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Due to trouble with M365, some students have been unable to sign in to Teams, OneDrive, and other applications.

We are currently working on restoring them and they are being used one by one.
If you are unable to sign in, please wait a while and try again.

Maintenance of On-Campus Wi-Fi System (3/27)

The On-Campus Wi-Fi System has been upgraded, and a problem has occurred as a result.
Emergency maintenance will be carried out as follows.

Date and Time:Monday, Marc 27, 2023m 11:25~12:15 (approximately 20 minutes)
Impact:On-Campus Wi-Fi System is be unavailable.

Changes to the maximum number of guest network accounts issued(Scheduled for March 30)

Based on the past operational results, the maximum number of guest network accounts issued will be changed.

The specific changes are as follows.
・The maximum number of guest network accounts to be issued is 30. (currently up to 10)
・The maximum validity period of a guest network account will be 31 days. (currently up to 30 days)
・Expires guest network accounts (for conferences) up to 31 days. (currently up to 1 year)
・Guest network accounts (for conferences) will be issued within two business days after application. (currently issued after about one week of examination)
・Guest network accounts (for long-term) will be discontinued.
This change will be implemented between 11:30-12:00 on Thursday March 30.
Please note that this will not affect accounts that have already been issued.

AdobeCC authentication method change (scheduled for March 27, 2023)

The authentication method for AdobeCC will be changed on the afternoon of March 27.
The new authentication method will be M365.
【Subject of this issue】
* Those using AdobeCC with an @u email address.
* Those using AdobeCC with an @s email address.
(Those using an @un email address are not eligible)

【Adobe CC data on the cloud】
There will be no automatic transfer of data previously stored on the AdobeCC’s cloud.

Please check the contents of the cloud on the above website.
If you have the necessary data, please download it before March 27.

Staff Page:Switchover of the authentication method for AdobeCC (Scheduled on March 27)  (in Japanese)
ACCC :About Comprehensive Contract of Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC)
(An update will be posted on the afternoon of March 27.)

[Maintenance] Unified Authentication System (2023-03-28)

The maintenance of the Unified Authentication System is scheduled from the night of 3/28 (Tue.) From around 23:00, you may temporarily not be able to change your password. In that case, please try again in a few minutes. Thank you for your patience.