[Update] On frequent stoppage of video playback in Microsoft Stream

We have received several reports that Microsoft Stream videos frequently stop playing, sometimes they stop so frequently (every few seconds) that understanding content of classes difficult.

(2020-06-05 update: We have been informed that Microsoft has completed its response to this incident.  If the problem persists, please report it to Microsoft.)

As similar reports have been made at other universities, there is a possibility that the cause is on the Microsoft side.  Currently we do not know the fundamental solution of the problem, but for the time being we ask users take the following actions:

To Faculty Members
  • Please make the slides and materials presented in the video available for students to download (or view in a browser).
  • Please allow enough time for video release and assignment submission deadlines.
To Students

When you’re in trouble with Stream, the situation may possibly be improved by one of methods.

Also, it’s a good idea to try it at some other time.

(Method 1) Reduce the quality of the video.
  • Click “Settings” on the bottom right of the video player


  • Click “Quality”.


  • Change the quality to a lower value.


(Method 2) Wait until the loaded portion of the video is far enough ahead of the current position before playing.

(Method 3) Watch videos offline from mobile apps.
  • Tap the detail icon at the right end in the movie list

mobile app - video list

  • Tap “Make available offline”

movile app - make offlineWait until the display shows 100%

  • Tap “My content” at the bottom of the screen

movile app - my content

  • Tap “Offline” at the top of the screen to play the movie you want to watch

mobile app - offline

If the situation does not improve, please report the problem to Microsoft.