How is this service related to my personally registered Microsoft ID?

Apparently, you can receive some charge-free services from Microsoft by creating a Microsoft ID using your personal email address. That is not related to this service of ours. We do not recommend using your @s, @u or @un email address to create your Microsoft ID. That could cause a problem when you receive services from the University of Tsukuba.

I cannot sign up.

You need to sign up (register) using your “” or “” email address, which is provided by the University of Tsukuba. If your email address is not accepted, make sure that you have made no typos. Please note that email address ending with “” cannot be accepted.
We request students enroll in 2017 or later to read the following website carefully:
Microsoft Office (for private use)

I have Office installed on my home PC. What should I do?

There is no problem to continue using the Office already installed. In order to install Office provided by the University of Tsukuba, you need to uninstall the existing Office. These tasks must be done at your own risk, and the University of Tsukuba does not support it.
If you use Office provided by Tsukuba University, you can always use the latest version. In this sense, decide for yourself whether to use the Office already possessed or the Office provided by the University of Tsukuba.
If the Office you already have is no longer supported, please use the Office provided by the University of Tsukuba.

Want to view my own sign-in history

Do it by

  1. Sign-in yourself in
  2. Click the “My sign-ins” in the left-edge menu
  3. Your recent active sign-in history is displayed

For detail, also refers to Microsoft’s newest document. (eg. search keywords “Microsoft365 recent activity” and read the Microsoft Support in that page.)
If you also want to change your password, please read this QA, ignoring the URL told in that document.

I want to revert to the previous version after applying the Windows 10 feature update

Application of the Windows 10 feature update program may cause problems such as not functioning of the application such as VirusBuster.
If you want to revert to the previous version after applying the feature update program, refer to the following.

Recovery options in Windows 10 -“Go back to your previous version of Windows”-[External site]

Please note that if the alert “Your PC has been upgraded more than 10 days ago and this option is not available” is displayed, or if the button “Revert to the previous version of Windows 10” is not displayed, You can not revert to the previous version.

Please do it at own risk. Academic Computing & Communications Center can not provide individual support.

How do I use my @un email address?

The @un email address is managed and operated by the Division of Information Infrastructure Management, Department of Academic Information.
Please contact sk.johositu[at mark] for inquiries.

Unable to access to dormitory network

In case of interruption of using the lodging network which you have been using until now, please contact us with the following information.
– Name of lodging (ex. Room number, Hirasuna xxx builging number, etc.)
– Authentication page: Readable, or, unreadable
– Unified ID used for authentication only. (Do not write password.)
– Date and time you noticed the interruption.
– Things for other people in the same lodging (if it is known).

I lost my Unified Authentication System password or my password is no longer valid

For those who have forgotten (or whose password has expired) their Unified Authentication System password, we can reissue a new password at the following counters.
Please come to one of the counters in person (no substitutes) with your student ID or staff ID.
You can have your password reissued with a simple procedure.


ACCC Office FAQ: Office hours of Academic Computing and Communication Center
Kasuga Area Office of Information Promotion (Kasuga Satellite Office) Service Hours (in Japanese)
Libraries Central Library Please refer to the Library page
Art and Physical Education Library
Medical Library
Library of Library and Information Science
Otsuka Library

If you cannot come to the counter in person due to overseas study, long-term training, long-term business trip, or other reasons, please select the inquiry type “Unified Authentication System” and contact us using the form.