I lost my Unified Authentication System password or my password is no longer valid

For those who have forgotten (or whose password has expired) their Unified Authentication System password, we can reissue a new password at the following counters.
Please come to one of the counters in person (no substitutes) with your student ID or staff ID.
You can have your password reissued with a simple procedure.


ACCC Office FAQ: Office hours of Academic Computing and Communication Center
Kasuga Area Office of Information Promotion (Kasuga Satellite Office) Service Hours (in Japanese)
Libraries Central Library Please refer to the Library page
Art and Physical Education Library
Medical Library
Library of Library and Information Science
Otsuka Library

If you cannot come to the counter in person due to overseas study, long-term training, long-term business trip, or other reasons, please select the inquiry type “Unified Authentication System” and contact us using the form.


“Calendar” icon in MS Teams does not appear

MS-Teams calendar icon will not be visible for a while after you sign up.
It will take a few hours to a day for it to become visible, so please wait.
If you are using web app, please try refreshing the page.
If you are using desktop app, please try restarting the app.
If the “Calendar” is not displayed, it does not affect your live viewing.
Please access the URL for attendees on the live announcement.

An error occurs when starting the desktop application version of Teams, Word, Excel, etc. of EES benefits

When launching or signing in with the desktop app version of Teams, Word, Excel, etc. of EES benefits, “Sorry, there was a problem during signing in. AADTSTS7000112: Application…” is displayed. In that case, please try the following methods.


  1. Are you signed in with “@u” or “@un” (signed up) (instead of “@s”)?
  2. Check the account information section of your PC for any other Microsoft accounts signed in (on Windows).
    Close all currently open Microsoft-related apps.

    Click Windows icon (bottom left of screen)

    Settings (the gear icon)


    “Access work or school”

    If there are accounts other than “@u” or “@un”, right-click them and ”Disconnect” once.

    Restart your PC

    Sign in with an “@u” or “@un” account again

How can I participate as a guest on Teams for job searching, joint research, etc.?

If you want to participate on Teams as a guest for a job search or joint research, the procedure is as follows.

  1. If there is a participation URL, access it and participate
  2. If you need to register as a guest in advance, inform your @u (@un) account to the person in charge of the Teams who are hosting the event.

    * When you inform someone of your Teams account, teach them your @u address (not @s).
    You can participate as a guest account even with a @s address.
    However, if you are using Teams with your university account (@u), you will need to sign out first.
    If the @s is registered as your email contact for job searching or other activities, the organizer may register that address (@s address) as a guest.

We do not know about Teams outside of the university, please be aware of the above mentioned and contact the other party if you encounter any problems.

While installing a third-party application or plug-in software on Teams etc., ” Need admin approval ” is displayed

While installing a third-party application or plug-in software in various applications (Teams, OneDrive, etc.) in Microsoft 365 (EES benefits), ” Need admin approval ” is displayed.
Regarding the permission of third-party applications and plug-in software, we will not allow them for the time being because we do not have enough time to evaluate the safety of each application to see if there are any security issues.
We thank you for your understanding.