An error occurs when trying to share a file by OneDrive in an office application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) on the Zengaku Computer System.

Please sign out from the currently signed-in account in the running Office application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and sign in again. You can do this by selecting your name on display in the upper right of the window (by Switching account).
* This must be done every time when the Zengaku Computer System is turned on. Even if you have signed in or signed out before, you need to do it every time you start the system.

Please refer to the following page about OneDrive for Business by EES benefits of our university.
OneDrive for Business

Is it possible to change the device to be used?

Yes. It is possible to confirm/change the device to be used on the management screen of your own Office 365 portal site. For devices you no longer use, if you perform “deactivation” and uninstall the program, it will be excluded from the device number count.

What should I do to use Office on Android device?

You can use the product by downloading each Office product from the Google Play and signing in with the account signed up with the EES benefit. Please refer to I cannot sign up for sign up.
In addition, you can sign in and use up to 5 smartphones and 5 tablets as EES benefits.

I have Office installed on my home PC. What should I do?

There is no problem to continue using the Office already installed. In order to install Office provided by the University of Tsukuba, you need to uninstall the existing Office. These tasks must be done at your own risk, and the University of Tsukuba does not support it.
If you use Office provided by Tsukuba University, you can always use the latest version. In this sense, decide for yourself whether to use the Office already possessed or the Office provided by the University of Tsukuba.
If the Office you already have is no longer supported, please use the Office provided by the University of Tsukuba.