Trend Micro Apex One Supported Apple M1 Chip

The anti-virus software “Trend Micro Apex One Mac” distributed by the

Academic Computing and Communications Center now supports the Apple M1 chip.

The version that supports the Apple M1 chip is “Agent Version 3.5.5371”.

You can download and install it from the download station.

【IMPORTANT】Upgrade to a new version of Trend Micro Antivirus Software【republish】

The new version of Trend Micro Antivirus Software (Trend Micro Apex One) has been in service from January 18, 2021.

Please upgrade to the latest version by June 30, 2021.

ACCC will not support earlier versions (Virus Buster and Security for Mac) after July 1, 2021, even if vulnerability issues are found.

If you continue to use the earlier version, it will make a security problem.

When you replace Antivirus Software from Virus Buster (Security for Mac), be sure to uninstall the current version, restart your PC, and then install the Trend Micro Apex One.

Please note that Trend Micro Antivirus Software does not support MacOS on M1 chip as of May 12, 2021.

【Note】Trend Micro Antivirus Software Site License Offer

Maintenance postponement of the On-Campus Wi-Fi System

The update work has been postponed, and there will be no shutdown of Campus Wi-Fi  on July 4.
We will announce the postponed schedule on this web page as soon as it is decided.
(update 2021/5/28)

The campus Wi-Fi control unit will be updated during the following period.
Please note that the On-Campus Wi-Fi System will be suspended during the update works.

Date:Sunday, July 4, 2021, 9:00 –17:00.

Impact:Shutdown of the On-Campus Wi-Fi System
The following two changes may occur as a result of the update.
・Authentication method for connecting to Wi-Fi
・Passphrase to connect to SSID “utwlan-w”

Detailed information on these two points will be posted in the notice at <>.

Please use “Contact” for inquiries regarding this matter at the following site.

Select “Network systems (including Access Points)” at Category.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Request for renewal of the license of Trend Micro Antivirus Software

The contract for Trend Micro Antivirus Software contracted at the Academic Computing and Communications Center has been renewed.

You need to renew your license on the installed PC or mobile device (smartphone, etc.).

Eligible product:

 Trend Micro Apex One (TMAO)

 Trend Micro Virus Buster (TMVB)

 Trend Micro Security for Mac (TMSM)

 Trend Micro Mobile Security (TMMS)

License renewal method:

For PC: Windows and Mac (TMAO TMVB TMSM Installation PC)

Reboot your PC while connected to the campus network (VPN connection is also acceptable) and execute the update manually.

For Android and iOS device: (TMMS Installation device)

Refer to the QR code for license settings from the following website.

Use UT-ID 13 digits and password.

    For Android

    For iOS

Display the QR code on another device, such as a PC, and scan it with the Mobile Security application.


Trend Micro Antivirus Software that the University of Tsukuba has a license for is available only for members of the university.

Members who use the software on a personally-owned computer need to uninstall it promptly when leaving the university due to graduation, completion of studies, or retirement.

(Fixed) On the case meeting recording data stored to “OneDrive for Business” within (EES) Microsoft Teams

As of Feb. 17, the scheduled maintenance is finished. Other details in the following are unchanged.

The entitled event informed is known to happen, to target users who self-signed up before Mar. 2017, and recorded meeting within (EES) Microsoft Teams during Jan. 26~Feb. 18(Wed.).

The system is arranged to fix the failure on Feb. 17(Tue.), am9:00~am12:00.
Amid the operation, MS office 365 and MS Teams serve as usual.

For the above mentioned target users, you can find where the recording data is store, refering to How to find where your MS Teams meeting recording data is stored?.
the data stored in OneDrive for Business or Share Point may be accessed by other users.

When recording meeting within Microsoft Teams, the video may be stored to OneDrive for Bussiness,instead of Stream as usual. The reason is under investigating but you can restrict the access of your video by the following way:

  1.  Right-click the video uploaded to Teams
  2.  Select “open Share Point”
  3. Download the video on Share Point to your local PC
  4. Delete the video on Share Point (so it will not be accessed by other users)
  5. Upload the video to Stream, and assign the access permission to the users/groups you like.