On the Change of the Layout of the Login Page of the Unified Authentication System

The layout of the login page of the Unified Authentication System was changed as follows after the system maintenance held on Sept. 4th, 2017. This announcement is for informing the users of this change.

(old system)

(new system)

Text above and below the Login button may differ by service being logged in.



Suspension of the On-Campus Wi-Fi System, utwlan-w and utwlan-pub

ACCC is to perform maintenance to the ACCC website. During the maintenance, utwlan-w and utwlan-pub will be suspended, while utwlan-x will work as usual.

Date: Thursday, September 14, 2017 6:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Systems or Areas Affected: utwlan-w and utwlan-pub of the On-Campus Wi-Fi System

Beware of Spam E-mail!

ACCC has received reports of spam emails titled
“[ACCC] University Mailbox Quota Exceeded!”, ”ご注意!!OFFICEのプロダクトキーが不正コピーされています (Warning!! Your Office product key has been illegally copied)”, ”つくばウェブメールのアップグレード / Upgrade Your Tsukuba WebMail, etc.
Please ignore them if you receive them.

Outsourcing of Student Residence Hall Network Management

The Student Residence Hall Network, which Academic Computing & Communications Center used to manage, has been outsourced to an outside company by Division of Student Welfare since April 2017.

If you have a problem with the network, call the support desk at the phone number provided in the instruction manual.

eduroam maintenance (February 27, 2017)

Maintenance is to be performed on eduroam on campus as follows:

Date: Monday, February 27, 2017
Areas or Systems Affected: During this event, eduroam will be suspended for several minutes. No other campus networks will be affected.

Mail Relay Limtations on the Inbound (Receiving ) E-mail Gateway

On March 18 (Wed), 2015 at 9:00 am, ACCC will limit the possible destinations of relay mails via the receiving gateway, i.e. “smtpgwin.cc.tsukuba.ac.jp” (hereinafter referred to as “smtpgwin”) to university addresses (such as those with “tsukuba.ac.jp” or those approved by the subnetwork committee). From then on, it will be impossible to send outgoing mails (or relay mails) via smtpgwin. Originally, smtpgwin was installed to send inbound mails to university e-mail addresses. Some users, however, send outgoing mails (or relay mails) via smtpgwin. This is against ACCC’s guidelines for mail gateway operation, so ACCC has decided to take measures to stop it.

If you are using smtpgwin to relay your mails, please configure your computer not to do so by the date above.

Website revised

As of Dec. 1, 2014, we have redesigned and updated the ACCC website.

Regarding a measure against spam sent from Access Point Connections

ACCC frequently receives reports from outside the university that large numbers of spam emails are sent from Access Point Connections (Student Residence Hall Network System, Zengaku Information Outlet and Network System, and On-Campus Wi-Fi System). Due to this spam sending, even genuine emails sent from our university might be classified as spam. To help solve this issue, ACCC has decided to implement OP25B (Outbound Port25 Blocking), an anti-spam measure, from May 7, 2014.

This measure will block computers connected to an access point from sending emails on TCP/25 port to mail servers with IP addresses other than those of University of Tsukuba (, Please note that the measure will not prevent the computers from sending emails on TCP/25 port to the mail servers of University of Tsukuba (including that of Zengaku Computer System).