Counting when using virtualization.

Regarding virtualization at the client OS, up to four virtual OSEs are allowed per license per terms of the Software Assurance (SA) privilege.

How are CALs counted?

A Client Access License (CAL) is a license necessary for accessing a certain Microsoft server.
※Eligible users of the EES contract are granted the following types of CALs:

  • Windows Server CAL
  • Exchange Server Standard CAL
  • SharePoint Server Standard CAL
  • System Center Configuration Manager CML

For “Remote Desktop Access to Windows Server (RDS CAL)”, see eesq22.
Other licenses not listed here (such as the Exeternal Connector License) are not included in the EES contract.
CALs that are not included in the EES contract should be purchased by your organization, and you may be able to purchase CALs at a slightly lower price by informing the vendor that the University has an EES contract.

Is there RDS (Remote Desktop Services) here?

Our university has an RDS license.
You can set up a Windows Server on campus and take advantage of it if you need an RDS license (when you need remote desktop access).
This license expires in March 2028.

This license is for the faculty and staff of this university. A separate license is required for access by students and people outside the university.

This license can be applied to the access of the management company when the management work is outsourced to an off-campus company.

Reference URL:
※ This may help you understand easily. (in japanese)

How do I use EES products off-campus?

The VPN service provided by the Academic Computing and Communications Center allows you to connect to the license server from an off-campus (provider, etc.) network.

If you only use Office, please consider Office 365 of EES benefit. Office 365 activation can be activated by using it in an online environment both on-campus and off-campus. Please see Microsoft Office (for private use).

How can I use EES products in an environment where I cannot connect to the Internet?

As on-line license verification is performed on a regular basis, utilization must be, in principle, on-line. (Verification is performed upon signing into your Office 365 account). However, as there is a 30-day indulgency period for the regular verification, it is possible to use it off-line during 30 days after the last license verification. After this verification period, Office function restrictions are applied.

Please contact us as we may allow changes to the MAK method, which does not require regular activation.
(For example, when a long-term off-campus business trip of 150 days or more is expected)