I tried to use MS Teams, Office app, OneDrive for Business, etc. of EES benefits, but an error occurred.

Microsoft Office (EES benefit: personal use) self-signup (registration work by yourself) is required to use cloud services such as Teams, Stream, OneDrive for Business, and personal use of Office apps. First, check the following points.

  • Have you signed up for EES benefits using your @u or @un address?
  • Is the email address displayed in My Account > Personal Information @u or @un?
    • If you were signed in with another Microsoft account, such as @s, sign out, close your browser, and try again.

In addition, please refer to the following information.

Zengaku Computer System: About @s address and @u address
Frequently Asked Questions: “Calendar” icon in MS Teams does not appear
Frequently Asked Questions: In Microsoft 365, an error “Your IT department has turned off signup for …” appears.

If the problem persists, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for other frequently asked questions about EES Benefits.

If that doesn’t help,
With a screenshot of the screen showing the error
Please contact us at ms-inquiry[at]cc.tsukuba.ac.jp.

What is the “upgrade version”?

This means that the OS can be upgraded (changed to a higher version) only if it is already running a Windows OS.
If your PC already has a Windows OS when you buy it, you are eligible.
In the case of a Mac, the upgrade can be applied as an OS that runs on virtual environment software or boot camp that can run on a Mac.
Downgrading the OS is also possible, but not recommended.